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College Placement

In fulfilling its mission to promote its Members, the International Junior Golf Tour is pleased to partner with the College Prospects of America (CPOA) to help Junior Golfers showcase their talent to colleges and universities. Since 1986, CPOA has helped thousands of families from the US and around the world navigate the highly competitive and complicated college placement process.

Click here to learn more about CPOA and download their College Road Map.

College Prospects of America

College Prospects of America offers a special IJGT Member price for $999.00. Through the IJGT, families can purchase the program at 4 payments no interest. Begin the process for only $495. Within your Birdie or Eagle Membership, you will receive a FREE consultation with CPOA.

At CPOA, we’re passionate about helping students achieve their goals, be it through athletics, academics, or both! Since 1986, CPOA has helped thousands of families from the US and around the world find the right athletic, academic, and financial opportunity at colleges and universities in the United States.

Whether you are a parent, student-athlete, or student-scholar, we can help you navigate the highly competitive and complicated college process so that you can find the right opportunities for you, based on your academic, athletic, or financial needs.

Simply stated, we help students & athletes get noticed by the right schools!

Our Mission

As the most respected full-service college placement service in the world for high school students and athletes, our mission is to help students and athletes find the best education at the best possible price, while allowing them to continue to participate in a sport they love or pursue an academic area of interest they are passionate about. Our clients aren’t just names on a website- we’re committed to their success and take a personal interest in their future.

Through cutting-edge technology, personalized promotion, and expertise gained from years of cultivating relationships with colleges and universities, we put students in contact with the schools that are the best fits for them. This allows the student and their family to analyze different opportunities and make the correct school selection for their specific situation.

At CPOA, it’s personal!

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