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Why Do I Need A Placement Service?

At any given moment, there are hundreds of universities across the US with scholarships and financial aid available to students and athletes who meet specific academic and/or athletic requirements. How do you find the schools you qualify for, and would like to attend? Locating the schools that are best-fits for your specific situation may seem like finding a needle in a hay stack! Many students use the common college internet search tools to locate schools, and then send emails and letters to coaches or admissions.

How many people think the same? Can you imagine how many thousands of unsolicited emails colleges and college coaches receive that are inquiring about scholarships over the course of a year? With hundreds of thousands of students having access to the same information over the Internet it has become increasingly common for students to send email because it is free! A major problem is that universities and college coaches simply do not have the time to review all of these unsolicited messages.
By using a college placement service, you allow a professional organization with resources, systems, and experience to perform the college search for you. It can be very daunting and time-consuming task without help, ultimately leaving you frustrated and without options!

The reality is that the college process is confusing, and most families will only do it once or twice in their lifetime. Relying on guidance from a professional organization that has advised hundreds of other families like yours in the process makes things much less confusing, less stressful, and ultimately makes you more successful!

At CPOA, our mission is to give our clients the best opportunity to be evaluated by schools around the country, giving them more options, and ultimately, a higher probability of securing an athletic, academic, or financial package to help fund their college education.

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