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In an effort to bring its members maximum value, IJGT restructured its Membership offerings and benefits for the 2017-2018 Season. In our three-tiered system, prospective members can choose which Membership is most appropriate for them.

Each Membership Level has built-in tournament saving, allowing members to recoup their initial investment in Membership. The real difference in Membership Levels is in the value-added services and opportunities available for further competition at each level. By becoming an IJGT member, a junior golfer can enhance their experience through competition and reap rewards for great performance.

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In addition to our Eagle, Birdie, and Par Membership options, we also offer special packages for Academies and Golf Schools. If you are interested in acquiring a membership for your golf program, please contact Nick Walker at

Membership Options

Eagle Membership

Eagle Members on the International Junior Golf Tour have access to all the premiere benefits we have to offer. With an Eagle Membership, junior golfers are eligible to qualify for IJGT’s Faldo Series North American Grand Final – where they will be able to compete on the world stage against the strongest field in junior golf. Eagle Members are also eligible to qualify for Race to Scotland. Race to Scotland is IJGT’s cornerstone event where the 5 junior golfers with the highest merit point totals will win an all expense paid trip the The Home of Golf where they will spend a week playing some of the world’s finest courses.

This membership is ideal for the junior golfer that is committed to their game, playing close to a full schedule year round, and hoping to play at the next level after high school.

Birdie Membership

Birdie Members are eligible to qualify for The Faldo Series, however they are not eligible for the Race to Scotland. This membership is ideal for a player that may not be able to commit to a full schedule of IJGT events, but is competitive and wants to earn their spot at the Faldo Series North American Grand Final.

Par Membership

Par Members are entitled to entry fee discounts and IJGT resources. If you are a junior golfer that is just getting into two day tournaments, a Par Membership is a great fit. The entry fee discounts are going to offer savings after only a couple of events, so it is practical while you are working on getting your game to the higher level to play a lot and save.

Membership Prices

Eagle Membership

  • Membership Cost: $450
  • Entry Fee: $250

Birdie Membership

  • Membership Cost: $200
  • Entry Fee: $250

Par Membership

  • Membership Cost: $100
  • Entry Fee: $300

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about the Race to Scotland and Faldo Series North American Grand Final?

Our Race to Scotland page can be found here, and the Faldo Series page can be accessed here. If you have any questions, you can email Nick Walker,

How many tournaments do I need to play to justify a membership?

This depends on the individual junior golfer’s goals and playing abilities. If you are just going to play one tournament but want to try and qualify for the Faldo Series North American Grand Final, you will need a membership to be eligible. However, if you are a less experienced junior golfer who is thinking about a par membership, you start saving after 2 events from non-member pricing so it makes sense to get a membership. If you are unsure about membership and have never played an IJGT event, you are eligible for a first time entry fee of $199. Then, you can decide if it is right for you and move forward.

If I start as a par member, but am in the running for Race to Scotland or The Faldo Series North America Grand Final, what happens?

If a player is high on the merit point list for Faldo Series, they can contact IJGT Tournament Director Nick Walker, You are allowed to upgrade your membership, but will be required to pay the difference between the membership level you are currently and the desired membership level. However, if you are originally a Par Member, you will not be able to upgrade to Eagle Membership.

Is it legal for IJGT to have an “all expenses paid” trip to Scotland as a prize in amateur golf?

Yes. Our prices and points system are structured so that the Race to Scotland is not a prize for a single event, but earned over several tournaments. Because it is structured this way, it is compliant with all amateur rules.

What is the biggest difference between the different membership levels?

What a junior golfer is eligible for and entry fees. The non-member entry fee isn’t practical if you are going to be playing more than one event, and with the awesome prizes you can earn through playing multiple events, it makes sense to become a member. The membership level that is right for you will depend on each junior golfer and what they want to accomplish through tournament play.

Besides the discounts and eligibility aspects, why would a junior golfer become a member?

The IJGT team is a small team, but we are dedicated to the success of junior golfers. We have a passion for, and strive to, put on the type of junior golf tournaments that are going to prepare elite players for AJGA Tournaments and college, while still creating an atmosphere that helps junior golfers that are trying to reach a new competitive plateau learn and develop their games.

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