AJGA Performance Stars in IJGT Events – NEW 2014

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. – The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) provides International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) members opportunities to earn AJGA Performance Based stars. Accumulating these stars is important in earning entry into AJGA tournaments. There will be some NEW changes for IJGT members effective Jan. 1, 2014. These changes will go in effect for all other junior golf tours and associations as well.

All tournaments other than the IJGT Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions will have provisional status for AJGA Performance Stars. What that means is the following requirements will need to be met in order to earn AJGA Performance Stars in these tournaments. For those of your familiar with the AJGA Performance Based Entry system in regards to IJGT Events this first part has not really changed. The NEW changes are highlighted in bold below.


AJGA Performance Based Entry status for top finishers is available if the field size reaches 40 players in the Boys 15-19 Division, 12 players in the Girls Division, and 20 players in the Boys 14 & Under Division. The following will be awarded if the specific division meets the aforementioned requirement.

Boys 15-19 Champion = 4 Performance Stars

Top 5 in Boys 15-19 Div. = 1 Performance Star

Girls Division Champion = 4 Performance Stars

Boys 14 & Under Champion = 1 Performance Star

Additionally, if a tournament field has at least 55 players in the Boys 15-19 Division or 18 players in the Girls Division, the AJGA will recognize the top 10% of the specific division with 1 AJGA Performance Star. For example if the field reaches 60 players in the Boys 15-19 Division in addition to what is listed above, 6th place will be awarded 1 AJGA Performance Star.


As you can see, the new changes will be beneficial to our members as more IJGT stars will be given out at our events! Many of our events from last Spring would have given out more AJGA Performance Stars under the new system, so do not miss your chance to get signed up this year for those marquee events including Colleton River, Kiawah Island, White Manor CC, Duke Golf Club, Architects Golf Club, and Hershey CC.

For a complete explanation of the AJGA’s Performance Based Entry system click here. If you have any questions you can contact their Player Services Department at 770-868-4200. For questions about the IJGT and our tournaments please call our Players Services Department at 843-785-2444.