AJGA Performance Stars in IJGT Events

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. – The process of earning a college scholarship is one that requires a lot of preparation. Playing in International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) Events can assist greatly in this process. Our results are sent out to college coaches across the country and being able to play in Fall and Spring conditions is something that college coaches want to see, as their own seasons are during these time frames. Playing a round in non-ideal conditions is much more difficult than playing a tournament in perfect weather during the summer.

College coaches also like to see a strong tournament schedule. The ability to play in elite level events like the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) can give a prospective student-athlete an advantage in the recruiting process. Getting access to the AJGA tournaments is not an easy process, as a junior golfer must qualify for the majority of their events through their Performance Based Entry system. The IJGT has many events where AJGA Performance Stars are available to top finishers.

There is some confusion as to which IJGT Events will earn these performance stars and which will not. We want to make it simple and transparent for all of our members. You can find a tournament’s AJGA status by clicking on the individual Tournament Information Page. Here is an example below.

AJGA PBE Print Screen Page 1 Larger

Select the event you are going to play. If you go to the “What’s at Stake?” section and click on the AJGA Performance Based Entry link it will direct you to the screen below.

AJGA PBE Print Screen Page 2

Notice there is a distinction between the two underlined sections in this example. The first part announces which divisions have been pre-awarded by the AJGA. These AJGA Performance Stars will be available regardless of the number of competitors in the field. The second part identifies that there will be AJGA Performance Stars at stake IF a certain field size is reached.

If the specific division meets the required number of players it will earn AJGA Performance Stars. This is not official until the end of the tournament. In the example above the Boys 15-19 and Girls Divisions will have guaranteed AJGA Performance Stars while the Boys 14 & Under Division is contingent on having 20 or more players in the division.

If you have any questions about AJGA Performance Stars please contact the AJGA Player Services Department at 770-868-4200.