AJGA Performance Stars in IJGT tournaments – Spring 2016

The 2016 Spring Schedule will provide many opportunities for IJGT members to earn American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) Performance Based Entry. This Spring there will be at a minimum 207 AJGA Performance Based Stars available for top finishers in IJGT tournaments. Navigating the junior golf scene can be challenging with the many different tours, entry qualifications, and ranking systems. As a company, we value honesty and transparency with our members and their families. Below is a breakdown of how to understand the AJGA Performance Based Entry system in relation to IJGT events.

What are AJGA Performance Stars?

AJGA Performance Stars are a mechanism by which the AJGA determines its tournament fields. You can earn AJGA Performance Stars in many different ways, one of which is through the IJGT tournaments.

Who is eligible to earn AJGA Performance Stars in IJGT tournaments?

Top finishers in select tournaments will be granted AJGA Performance Stars.

How do I determine what AJGA Performance Stars are guaranteed in IJGT tournaments?

On each IJGT tournament page there is a section title “AJGA Performance Based Entry.” We will list all guaranteed AJGA Performance Stars here, as well as which specific top finishers will earn them.

Are there any other opportunities to earn AJGA Performance Stars on the IJGT?

Yes, all IJGT events have the capacity to earn more AJGA Performance Stars either through the Top 10% rule (listed below) or by retroactively receiving AJGA Performance Stars from the AJGA. This may occur when the field size reaches 40 players in the Boys 15-19 Division and 12 players in the Girls Division.

*Top 10% Rule – For stroke play events in which the Champion earns 4 Performance Stars, the AJGA will also recognize the top 10% of the corresponding field provided that event has 55+ boys or 30+ girls.


Have more questions or still don’t quite understand? Don’t worry, you can contact the IJGT staff at any time to discuss. We also provide a limited number of tournament schedule consultations to families that want assistance in putting together the best possible tournament schedule for their son or daughter. Contact IJGT, Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Wolfe for more information at kyle.wolfe@ijgt.com or 843-384-1682.