Faldo Series Pennsylvania Championship Recap

This past weekend, the International Junior Golf Tour began another season at the Hershey Country Club for the Faldo Series Pennsylvania Championship. The recent partnership between the International Junior Golf Tour and the Faldo Series marks the first ever Faldo Series U.S. Qualifier, where the winners earn an invitation to the U.S. Final to be held during Thanksgiving weekend at Bella Collina Golf Resort. Hershey Country Club once again proved to be a great venue for the holiday weekend, as juniors also competed for AJGA Performance Stars, National Rankings and IJGT Merit Points.

The Boys 15-19 Division with loaded with superb, young talent including the reigning tour Player of the Year for the International Junior Golf Tour, Luke Sample. Headed into the final round Sunday, the leader only had a one stroke advantage on the second-place competitor which made for an exciting Sunday morning.

However, after two consistent, solid rounds, Jairus Gaines held his lead and went wire-to-wire to earn to first-place finish. Gaines, of nearby Baltimore, M.D., put together scores of 73 and 70 to net a 143 finish. After earning his big victory, Gaines attributed his consistent and steady play to claiming victory.


“Being able to persevere and stay steady was the key,” Gaines stated following the tournament. “I just wanted to keep the same tactic and strategy, taking it one shot at a time and not try to overthink anything and just one shot after the other.”

Gaines becomes the winner of the first Faldo Series U.S. Qualifier and will receive and invitation to the U.S. Final, Thanksgiving Weekend. Coming in second-place is Jeremy Summerson of Victory, NY. Summerson put together a solid weekend with two scores of 74 to total 148. Rounding out the top three is reigning Player of the Year, Luke Sample. Sample, of New York, N.Y., finished his weekend after scores of 81 and 72, giving him a total of 153.

Earning herself a victory in the Girls Division, and invitation into the Faldo Series U.S. Final is Mary Kate Norcross. The native of nearby Chambersburg, P.A. finished her weekend after shooting scores of 91 and 84 for a 175 finish.

Then in the Boys 14 & Under Division, Zach Locke claimed the top prize in the division, after shooting scores of 82 and 74, for a total finish of 156 for the native of Horseheads, N.Y.

Click here for the full results from this weekend.

The IJGT will resume play again next weekend, on September 9th at Radley Run Country Club for the IJGT Philly Open. To sign up for this event, or view any of our upcoming events for the Fall, click here or call (844) 779-3374.

Why Junior Golfers Make Good Lawyers

Guest Post Contributed By Casey Shomo of Casey Shomo Law

The law and golf intersect surprisingly often; not only do many lawsuits arise from negligent players and bad course conditions, but what it takes to be a good golfer in many ways also applies to being a fine lawyer.

Playing by the Rules

Just as the law is all about hard rules and regulations, golf has multiple parameters that must be met, or the player faces penalties. For instance, In the rules of golf, there are a lot of infractions that can lead to two-stroke penalties: grounding a club in the bunker, playing the wrong ball, and interfering with a moving ball are some of the no-nos. If the golfer fails to fix any of these errors before teeing off on the next hole, disqualification results. To a college golf coach, this would be a considerable red flag.

Staying Focused

Trying to up one’s game and break par is a measurable goal, and sacrifices must be made to get there. Just as it takes an incredible amount of studying to pass the bar exam—and for some, multiple attempts—without constant practice and “stick-to-it-ness,” there would be no professional circuit. Those who don’t put in the time and dedication won’t get very far, whether on the golf course or in the courtroom.

Thinking Clearly

The calm judgment it takes to win in court also applies to the golf course. According to pro golfer Jim Furyk, when hitting a shot out of a bad spot, golfers need to relax. “Most amateurs get intimidated by tough shots . . . you tense up and forget about the keys to escaping the situation you’re in,” he says. Furyk also urges golfers to keep their expectations realistic. Indeed, trying to showboat and be too risky can cost you strokes that stop you from making par.

Likewise, if you can’t stay focused at the negotiating table or in front of a jury, it can lead to a costly mistake that could blow your client’s case.

Never Giving Up

Perseverance is key to both practicing law and playing golf. Hitting in the rough, losing a ball in the water, finding evidence, proving guilt, these are all roadblocks to success for those who don’t realize that when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Staying Above the Law

In making the transition from golfer to lawyer, keep an eye on the news. A surprising number of lawsuits originate on the golf course. Anything from poor conditions to enraged or negligent golfers result in litigation. Not only are slip-and-fall accidents very common, costing courses millions for improper maintenance, so are claims that inaccurate course markers can result in players hitting people in the fairway.

Another common issue is lawsuits between friends who head out to blow off steam and end up injuring each other by not taking proper precautions. In one case, a golfer destroyed the vision in his friend’s eye. Other golfing mishaps have caused head trauma. Court defenses often contend something golfers know all too well: that the balls often do what they want to against our will. There is no saying where a stray ball will end up, but we all can take reasonable care that the potential area is clear.

Even Costco faced a lawsuit for its Kirkland golf balls. It was sued by the Titleist golf ball maker, Acushnet, for patent infringement and for false advertising.

In the end, as all lawyers know, where there are people, there are potential lawsuits. And where there are junior golfers, there are potential lawyers—some of whom could find work representing golfers in personal injury cases.

Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions – Preview

Memorial Day is a special weekend for us at The International Junior Golf Tour; it’s time for the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions! Each year, Grand Cypress Golf Resort in Orlando, FL hosts the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions – a 3-day, 54-hole challenge for the best of the best junior golfers we have seen compete all year. It’s the one with the most AJGA Stars, the fiercest competition, and is the great test of our year round season.



As soon as you drive into the Grand Cypress Resort, you know you’re in for something special. The course is pristine, and for these junior golfers will be a great place to go low or be punished by the various challenges out there. We’ll be playing the Jack Nicklaus designed New Course, and here is what the Grand Cypress website has to say about it:

“The New Course adds another dimension of play to the Orlando golf course scene with steeper and more challenging bunkers and slopes. Set in the midst of an open meadow, the New Course is Jack Nicklaus’ tribute and homage to the famed Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland. This Scottish links masterpiece is complete with double greens, stone bridges and walls, gorse mounds, burns and pot bunkers as deep as 12 feet—all in the spirit of the true Scottish original. Very little water comes into play on the New Course, but when it does it will challenge you. Very few trees are located within the interior of the course, creating generous landing areas. However, an errant tee shot could find its way into one of our 150 pot bunkers.”

Click here for more.

Last Year’s Stats:

Winning Scores-

Girls Division: -2

Boys 15-19 Division: -8

Boys 14 & Under Division: E


Girls Division: 5880

Boys 15-19 Division: 6698

Boys 14 & Under Division: 6205



After suffering through stormy weather earlier in the week, the sun has officially come out in Orlando and it looks like it is here to stay through Memorial Day. Typical of Central Florida in late May, it is going to be hot this weekend.

Click here for the full forecast.



There are 79 players in the field this weekend- 52 Boys 15-19, 21 Girls, and 6 Boys 14 & Under. This field includes all three of the IJGT Players of the Year, who ranked first in the order of merit for the 2016-2017 season.

In the Boys 15-19 Division, Luke Sample of New York, who happens to only be 13 years old, will be facing a field a-typical of his previous IJGT appearances with the Southeastern players dominating the field. Sample has 2 wins this season in our Northeastern events. Also in the Boys 15-19 field is Southeastern Tour Championship winner, Ian Peng. Peng fired a 68-66 to win at Falcon’s Fire two weekends ago to win by 4-strokes. If he can show up in the same form this weekend, there is a definite possibility for contention.

Girls Division Player of the Year, Ying-Ting Hsieh, has shown nothing but outstanding performances this season. In her last 5 IJGT Events, she has yet to place outside of the top-5, with 2 Second Place finishes and one win. Manhua Chen and Chiara Arya are also in the field this weekend, and have consistently posted phenomenal scores this season.

Although the Boys 14 & Under Division is our smallest field, this could be some of the fiercest competition. 5 of the 6 players have been named to the All-Tournament Team (top-10 order of merit), and they are all consistently firing low number that would be impressive in any division. John Daly II just fired his fired under-par round for 18 holes in the second round of the Southeast Tour Championship to win; we will see if he can add another to his collection of 5 wins this season.



This weekend, we will be updating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with results and updates from the course. Make sure you are following IJGT on all platforms so you don’t miss any of the action. The best way to get access to our livestreams will be on Facebook, where we will share the link as soon as the action starts Saturday morning.

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EVENT RECAP – Northeast Tour Championship

This weekend, the International Junior Golf Tour held The Northeast Tour Championship May 6-7, 2017 at the Hershey Country Club – East Course in Hershey, PA. Competition was a 2-round, 36-hole event with fields divided into Boys 15-19, Girls, and Boys 14 & Under Divisions.

In the Boys 15-19 Division, Austin Schreffler, a current junior from Dillsburg, PA, took first place shooting 80-75 for a two-day total of 155, 13-over par. Schreffler won by two strokes, followed by Carter Nunez, a sophomore from South Orange, NJ, who shot 79-78, for a two day total of 157 (+17) in the tough conditions at Hershey. There was a third place tie between Brandon Wilson (2019, Perry Hall, MD), Richie Kline, III (2019, Kennett Square, PA)   and Jairus Gaines (2018, Baltimore, MD) at 17-over par.

Click here for the full leaderboard from the Boys 15-19 Division


Katherine Lu of Plainsboro, NJ took the championship in the Girls Division. The 14-year-old shot an impressive two rounds of 82-79 for a 19-over par finish, winning by 4. Trailing Lu by 4, Julianne Lee (2018) of York, PA shot 85-80 for a two day total of 23-over par. In third place, Katie James, a senior from Pittsburgh, PA shot 82-84, finishing at 24-over par for the weekend.

Click here for the full leaderboard from the Girls Division.


In the Boys 14 & Under Division, Ryan D’Ariano (West Chester, PA) took home his fourth win of the IJGT season. After shooting 84 in the first round, D’Ariano was able to come out strong in Round 2, shooting 77 (+6) to win and finish at 19-over par for the weekend. In second place at 29-over par was Zach Locke (Horseheads, NY) who finished at 29-over par, followed by John Bradbeer (Philadelphia, PA) who finished at 30-over par.

Click here for the full leaderboard from the Boys 14 & Under Division.

The IJGT will return next weekend at Falcon’s Fire Golf Course in Kissimmee, FL for the Southeast Tour Championship. Click here to register for the event.

Did you know the winner of IJGT’s Bridgestone Tournament of Championship gets TWELVE AJGA Stars? Learn more.

Northeast Tour Championship at Hershey CC – Preview

This weekend, the IJGT is in Hershey, PA for the Northeast Tour Championship – our final northeast event for Spring 2017. This season in the Northeast has had a bit of weather drama with 2 of our 4 events being rescheduled due to snow, and this weekend will be no exception with a bit of rain coming down at the moment here in chocolate country. Check out some things to expect in the coming two days:



This weekend, we are returning to Hershey Country Club’s East Course. Hershey CC is one of the IJGT’s favorite stops with consistently great conditions and a friendly, helpful and welcoming staff. Click here for more information on the East Course at Hershey Country Club.

The most recent visit to Hershey came last fall for the Fall Classic, October 29-30. Proving to be one of the tougher events of the season, winning scores were a bit higher than what we normally see. The following stats are from the Fall Classic and could serve as an indicator of what we can expect, however with the wet conditions you can expect the course to be playing a bit shorter.


Back Tees – 7061

Boys 15-19 – 6671

Girls Division – 5831

Boys 14 & Under – 6088

Winning Scores:

Boys 15-19 – +9

Girls Division – +27

Boys 14 & Under – +11




As mentioned above, the rain could definitely play a factor in scoring this weekend. Not only is it going to be a bit wet, according to this AccuWeather article, temperatures are about 15-25 degrees below normal for this time of year. Here are the official forecasts (according to a “Hershey, PA Weather” Google search).




We have seen a lot of talent coming out of the Northeast this season, and expect nothing less this weekend with some very strong players in the field across all divisions. Here are a couple of players to keep your eyes on as you check out the BlueGolf leaderboard this weekend:

Boys 15-19 Division

In the Boys 15-19 Division, Evan Owan (2019, Germantown, MD) is returning to Hershey after placing second in The Fall Classic, coming back with a one-under par 70 after shooting 85 in the first round. Owan’s most recent IJGT appearance at White Manor, where he shot 78-76 to come in 4th proves that he is out and ready to content this Spring. James Meyers (2019, Wexford, PA) is another player to watch, tying Owan for 2nd in the Fall Classic.

Girls Division

Jessica Meyers (2019, Wexford, PA) is the reigning champion of the Fall Classic where she shot 83-86 and is the sister of James Meyers (see above). You’re going to want to keep an eye on both of the Meyers siblings this weekend and see if the clutch gene runs in the family. We also have Brianna Marmorstein (2018, Haverstown, PA) in the field who won the Labor Day Classic at Philmont CC last fall. As Marmorstein gears up for summer before her senior year, it will be fun to see how she performs. One of the younger players in the Girls Division, Emma Shen (13 years old, Tenafly, NJ) came out strong for The Jersey Tee Off Classic at Greate Bay, shooting 79-81 to win. Shen has proven that she can hang with the older girls, and there are definitely exciting years ahead which we are excited to watch this weekend.

Boys 14 & Under

Ryan D’Ariano (13 years old, West Chester, PA) came out strong this spring, winning all 3 of his first IJGT appearances, boasting a scoring average of 80. It will be exciting to see if D’Ariano can continue the streak at Hershey. We also have Zach Locke (13 years old, Horseheads, NY) in the field who came in 7th at Hershey in the fall and has gained experience playing The Thanksgiving Day at TPC Sawgrass. Taking the experience away from a tough field and a tough course could prove valuable as Locke goes up against the rest of the field this weekend.



This weekend, we will be updating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with results and updates from the course. Make sure you are following IJGT on all platforms so you don’t miss any of the action. We have also teamed up with Bluegolf for some more live stream action from Youtube. The best way to get access to our livestreams will be on Facebook, where we will share the link as soon as the action starts Saturday morning.

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We are looking forward to a great Northeast Championship this weekend! Good luck to all of our participants!

Post Event Recap – The Florida Open at Rio Pinar

The International Junior Golf Tour resumed play this weekend in Orlando for the playing of the Florida Open at Rio Pinar Country Club. The former host of the Citrus Open, the course played favorably to the juniors, who enjoyed their weekend conditions under clear skies and high to moderate temperatures. Each division came down to the final holes, creating an exciting Sunday. The juniors played for national rankings and IJGT Merit Points.

Play in the Boys 15-19 Division was simply spectacular, and was a close match heading into the final round Sunday morning. After trailing two strokes off the lead heading into the final round, Samsona Lu found himself alone at the top of the leaderboard after 36 holes. Lu, of New Taipei City, Taiwan, played very consistent with rounds of 72 each for a 144 total.

“Feels great to get the win at this course,” Lu stated after the round. “It was pretty windy this weekend, if anything I had to keep my ball-flight lower and that helped a lot.”

Click here for the full Boys 15-19 Leaderboard.

Although conditions proved to be tough at moments during the weekend, Lu was able to stay on top of his game and capture his first IJGT victory of the season. Claiming second-place closely behind Lu is Florian Blatti of Epalinges, Switzerland. Blatti played well all weekend, shooting scores of 72 and 73 for a 145 finish. In third-place is Hanson Chiu of Chiayi, Taiwan, shooting scores of 74 and 72 for a 146 total.

Following the theme of competition, the Girls Division was more of the same for the weekend. After an impressive final round, Pin Wen Lu secured the weekend championship coming back from four strokes off the lead. Lu, who hails from New Taipei City, Taiwan, capped off her weekend with a 144 total with scores of 74 and a low final round of 70.
“It feels really good to win and get my confidence back,” Lu said after the round. “Today there was a lot of wind, so I aimed for the center of the green and that gave myself chances to make putts.”

Being able to make putts obviously played a major factor for Lu, as she made 4-Birdies during the final round and gave her just enough space to earn the victory.

Following closely behind in second-place is Ying-Ting Hsieh of Huantan Township, Taiwan. Hsieh was impressive for the weekend with scores of 70 and 75 for a 145 finish. Rounding out the top-3 is Chiara Arya of Jakarta, Indonesia, who finished her weekend with scores of 77 and 79 for a 156 total.

Click here for the final results from the Girls Division.

Lastly, for the Boys 14 & Under Division, Drago Zhao went wire-to-wire to claim first-place on the weekend. Zhao, a native of Shenzhen, China, continued his strong play that has been demonstrated in the past few events. Zhao put together solid scores of 78 and 75 for 153 total to earn his first IJGT victory.

Rounding out top-3 behind Zhao is a two-way tie for second-place. Sharing the spot is John Daly II of Clearwater, F.L., and Matthew Pilgrim of West Vancouver, Canada. Daly finishes with rounds of 79 and 78, while Pilgrim put together scores of 80 and 77, both totaling a 157 finish.

Click here for the Boys 14 & Under Leaderboard.

The IJGT will resume play again next weekend, with the playing of The Northeast Tour Championship at Hershey Country Club. To sign up for this event, or view the rest of our upcoming events, click here, or call us at (844) 779-3374.

COURSE PREVIEW – The Architects

This weekend, IJGT returns to The Architects Golf Club for the 2017 Architects Cup. We are looking forward to a great tournament, and are so glad to be making this event happen after the original date was snowed out. The event will be a 36-hole stroke play event over two days, with junior golfers competing in Girls, Boys 14 & Under, and Boys 15-19 Divisions.



The Architects Golf Club is a 6863-yard par 71 course that honors golf greats at each hole, including such names as A.W. Tillinghast, Donald Ross and Alister MacKenzie. Today, The Architects Golf Club holds a stellar reputation among the golf industry and receives recognition from such prestigious publications as (Golf Course News, Golf Magazine, Links Magazine, Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated.) Click here to go to the website.



Similar to last weekend at White Manor, it is looking like Sunday will be offering more favorable conditions than Saturday. With chances of rain today and tomorrow, hopefully the course will drain well, making for easier scoring conditions on Sunday. However, if the rain does hold off and the course stays dry, it should be a great weekend for golf with mild temperatures. Click here for the full forecast.



The stats below were taken from Spring 2016 when The Architects hosted IJGT for a tournament. By looking at these stats, you can get a good idea of how the course could play across the different divisions this weekend.



Tee times will start at 8:00AM on both Saturday and Sunday. Make sure to check out our leaderboard by clicking here.

For updates from the course, make sure you’re following us on social media:




COURSE PREVIEW – The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes

This weekend, the International Junior Golf Tour will be at The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes in Okatie, SC for the South Carolina Open. Our team has been at the course getting ready for the event, and put together a little video showing what can be expected Saturday and Sunday.

Click here to go to the South Carolina Open event page.


Make sure you are following us on social media for the latest updates from the course:





POST EVENT RECAP- Spring Kickoff at White Manor CC

The International Junior began their month of April with the playing of the Spring Kickoff at White Manor Country Club in Malvern, P.A. this past weekend. A familiar stop for the tour, the Philadelphia area course is always a favorite of the players, for its unique design and high risk-reward approach that players apply at the venue. Weather conditions for the weekend may have affected the opening round, as cold temperatures and high winds were consistent throughout the day. For the final round, players enjoyed clear skies and moderate temperatures all while competing for AJGA Performance Stars, national rankings and IJGT Merit Points.

In the Boys 15-19 Division, the competition was very tight and made for lots of excitement heading into the final round at White Manor. Going into Sunday, three players shared the lead score, with numerous players only one stroke off the lead group. Two of the top performers at the at the end of Sunday’s round were Jack Cornforth of Summit, N.J., and Neal Shipley of Pittsburgh, P.A., each shooting 73 respectively. The champion would then be decided by a sudden death playoff between the two players. In the end, Shipley captured the victory after one playoff hole.
“I played well, the course was playing really tough”, Shipley said after the round. “To come out here and shoot the scores I did, I was very happy to shoot the scores I did”.

Shipley, who shot a 78 in the opening round following with a 73 Sunday, attributed his strong play to hitting well off the tee and being able to hit into fairways. But the highlight of the day for him came on the playoff hole, the shot that would eventually allow him to secure the win.
Shipley spoke of the shot, “Off the 10th tee, I actually hit it into 18th fairway so I could get a better angle at the flag. I went with a sandwedge that put me within 5 feet”.

Cornforth, claims the second-place finish after an impressive weekend of play shooting a 78 and 73 respectively. Coming in third-place is New York City native Luke Sample. Sample put together a strong weekend, shooting 77 and 76 for a 153 finish.

For the Girls Division, Rylie Hefflin stole the spotlight by going wire-to-wire for the weekend victory. Hefflin, a native of nearby Avondale, P.A., played impressive golf all weekend, by shooting 74 for both rounds for a total of 148. Hefflin showed great discipline throughout the weekend as well, keeping big numbers away, and being solid around the green.

Finishing in second-place is Phoebe Brinker. The Wilmington, D.E. native put together scores of 81 and 76 for 157 total. Rounding out the top three is Alice Hodge of Larchmont, N.Y. who tallied a 161 finish after shooting 80 and 81 respectively.
Following the theme of great competition for the weekend, the same could be same for the play in the Boys 14 & Under Division. Coming out on top was Ryan D’Ariano, who tallied scores of 80 and 83 for a total of 163. Hailing from nearby West Chester, D’Ariano persevere through the tough conditions by starting strong each round and never looking back.

Right behind D’Ariano securing second-place is Andrew Sample of New York. Sample put together two solid rounds shooting 90 and 84 for a 174 total. Then in third-place, is Alex Burnett of Owing Mills, M.D., who finished with rounds of 95 each totaling 190.

The IJGT continues its Spring season next weekend with two events taking place. In New Jersey, the annual Architects Cup will be competed for at Architects Golf Club, as well as the playing of the South Carolina open at Hilton Head Lakes Golf Club. To sign up for this event, or view the rest of our upcoming events, click here, or call (844) 779-3374.

POST EVENT RECAP – The King Classic

This weekend, The Legends Golf Course at Orange Lake hosted the International Junior Golf Tour for The King Classic. The event was a two-day, 36-hole stroke play tournament for junior golfers ages 14-19. Forty-four junior golfers from around the world competed in three divisions: Boys 15-19, Girls, and Boys 14 & Under.

In the Boys 15-19 Division, Xavier Marcoux, a Bishops Gate Golf Academy student from Lexington, MA shot 68(-4) in Round 1 to hold the lead going into Sunday. Marcoux was able to fire another under-par round of 70(-2) to win the event over the competition. Chun Yan Leong, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia placed second shooting 71-73 (+1), followed by Thomas Pfoetsl of Schenna, Italy who shot 75-70 (+1).

The Girls Division ended in a tie between Ying-Ting Hseih and Anne Yu, who both shot 73-71 (E). Hseih was able to overcome Yu in a one hole playoff to take the victory. In third place, Chiara Arya of Jakarta, Indonesia shot 73-75 (+4).

14-year-old John Daly II made his fourth IJGT appearance of the season, and with that took home his fourth win in the Boys 14 & Under Division. Daly shot a pair of 73s to win by 12 strokes. In second place, Daly’s BGGA schoolmate, Drago Zhao of Shenzhen, China shot 84-74 (+14). The third place spot was taken by First Tee of Central Florida participant, Cole Chastain, who, in his first ever two-day event, shot 90-82 (+28).


The International Junior Golf Tour hosts tournaments throughout the year for junior golfers looking to compete at the next level. For more information, visit www.ijgt.com. The IJGT will return to central Florida April 29-30 for The Florida Open at Rio Pinar. Click here for our full schedule.