Curd Claims his third straight victory with the IJGT. Trockel breaks from the tie to win the Girls Division.

International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) Presents Hilton Head Open at Palmetto Hall Golf Club Hilton Head Island, SC

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Hilton Head Island, S.C. – The International Junior Golf Tour continued their tour in Hilton Head Island, SC to the Palmetto Hall Golf Club. Brutal winds played a huge factor this weekend, along with the uncharacteristic cold temperatures. The Hilton Head Open had players competing for National Rankings and IJGT Merit Points. The top five players in each division earned preferred entry into any IJGT Major Championship and the Champions of each division earned an invitation to the 2016 IJGT Tournament of Champions.


 The Boys 15-19 Division started out with 42 competitors and ended with 30 players. Even though the course played long, with the help of the wind, HaoHua Zhang took first Place. Zhang, of Howey-in-the-Hills, F.L., shooting a total of 154. He finished with 6 birdies, and one stroke within second place. Philip Chen of Taiwan, Taipei, and Jacob Lampe of Zionsville, IN, both tied for second place. Chen and Lampe both shot a total of 155.


           “I was nine strokes behind after the 8th hole but I never gave up. I knew that I needed to make some birdies to make something happen. My best shot was on hole nine, I hit one really close with my 9 Iron and made a birdie, which ended up being a three shot swing and allowing me to get back in it.I really liked the course. It was very difficult but fair, the wind was a big factor,” remarked Zhang

Collier Curd of Bowling Green, KY, won the Boys 14 Division with a total of 166. This is Collier’s third win with the IJGT this Spring. Battling the wind, like all competitors, he kept a 15 stroke difference between him and second place. Reed Sweigart of Roswell, G.A., took second with a total of 181. Siyu Liao of Urmqi, China, came in third with a total of 191.


             “I thought that I would play well coming into the weekend, especially coming off of a win at Royce Brook. The course was really tough and the wind made it even harder. My best shot was on hole 12 when I chipped in from a downhill lie next to the bunker. I really liked the course, hole 18 was my favorite tee shot. I hit a stinger there both days,” commented Collier.

 The Girls Division Champion carded a 152, and was awarded to Linda Trockel of Berlin, Germany. After being tied with Kayla Kozak from day one, Trockel pushed through the conditions to secure her first place title. Kozak of Bluffton, S.C., came in second shooting a 154. Third place in the Girls Division was claimed by Wint Phoo Aung. Aung of Yangon, Myanmar, shot a total of 156.


              “Coming in to today, I was very confident that I could win. I was in a similar situation last weekend at Innisbrook with the AJGA. My ball striking was really good this weekend. I didn’t hit many bad shots and I really liked hole 16. I played it one under for the weekend,” said Trockel.


The IJGT also recognizes the Clazic Belts Low Final Award Winners.

Linda Trockel- 77

Wint Phoo Aung-77

Marc Groenhuysen-76

Jacob Lampe-76


 The IJGT will continue the Spring 2016 Season with The Spring Architects Cup in Lopatcong, N.J. Players will compete for IJGT Merit Points, AJGA Performance Stars, and National Rankings. To sign up for this event, or others, visit or call (844) 779-3374.


Final Results of the The Hilton Head Open at Palmetto Hall Golf Club conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour on April 9-10, 2016. Boys 15-19 Division: Black Tees – 6,704 yards Par 72 (73.4/138). Boys 14 & Under Division: Blue Tees – 6,110 yards, Par 72 (70.5/131). Girls Division: White Tees – 5,760 yards, Par 72 (73.3/134).


Saturday – Sunny 57 degrees with 20-25 mph winds. Sunday – Sunny 60 degrees with 15-20 mph winds.

International Junior Golf Tour Hilton Head Open at Palmetto Hall Hilton Head, SC

April 9-10, 2016

Boys 15-19 Division – Black Tees, 6,704 yards, Par 72

Boys 15-19 Division – Black Tees, 6,704 yards, Par 72


  1. HaoHua Zhang, Howey in the Hills, FL *74-80–154
  2. Philip Chen, Taiwan, Taipei *76-79–155

2. Jacob Lampe, Zionsville, IN *79-76–155

4. Lino Galdin, Nesmy, France *84-79–163

4. Jasper Lee, Taipei, Taiwan *79-84–163

4. Julio Bello, Valencia, Venezuela *74-89–163

  1. Leo Hernandez, Bluffton, SC *82-82–164
  2. T.J. Nolan, Rapid City, SD *83-82–165
  3. Nelson Ou, Foshan, China *79-88–167
    1. Marc Groenhuysen, West Chester, PA *93-76–169
    2. Guodong Ji, Quing Dao, China *83-88–171

11. Nick Mayfield, Rock Hill, SC *83-88–171

  1. Christian Tupamahu, Manado, Indonesia *91-81–172
  2. James Walton, Duluth, GA *87-87–174

14. Dennis Volostnykh, Troy, MI *80-94–174

  1. Feng Chen, Beijing, China *88-87–175
  2. Ted Hsiao, Taipei City, Taiwan *94-82–176

17. Xiaofeng Hu, Qiang Dao, China *93-83–176

  1. Samuel Cudjoe, Bethel, Trinidad and Tobago *91-86–177
  2. Chung Yan Leong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *89-90–179
  3. Kotaro Nishimura, Tokyo, Japan *94-87–181
  4. Daniel Song, Howey-in-the-Hills, FL *100-87–187
  5. Mao Hirota, Nagoya, Japan *99-91–190

23. Yash Vardhan Sarda, Calcutta, India *94-96–190

25. Ryan Pongrac, Freehold, NJ *98-96–194

25. Matthew Chorches, West Hartford, CT *93-101–194

  1. Mark Richardson, South Berwick, ME *94-102–196
  2. Andres Rosado, Mexico City, Mexico *109-93–202

28. Taylor Rockwell, Boonton Township, NJ *98-104–202

30. Rekgabile Nyhonyha, Johannesberg, South Africa *118-89–207



Tianyu Wu, Beijing, China, *WD

Ryo Harada, Tokyo, Japan, *WD

Matthew Dzialga, Greenwich, CT, *WD

Bu Min Choi, Anyang, South Korea, *78 (Rule 6-6b)

Luigi Wong, Baguio City, Philippines, *79 (Rule 6-6d)

Quincy Stith, Wichita, KS, *81 (Rule 6-6b)

Dong Jin Park, Seoul, South Korea, *72(Rule 6-6d)

David Fu, Zhengzhou, China, *84 (Rule 6-6b)

Gabriel Han, Beijing, China, *96 (Rule 6-6b)

Trent Hope, Savannah, GA, * DQ (Rule 6-6b)

Girls Division – Blue Tees, 5,760 yards, Par 72


  1. Linda Trockel, Berlin, Germany *75-77–152
  2. Kayla Kozak, Bluffton, SC *75-79–154
    1. Wint Phoo Aung, Yangon, Myanmar *79-77–156
    2. Haruka Shintani, Setagaya, Japan *80-82–162
    3. Claire Jeon, Yong-In, South Korea *81-85–166
    4. Yeji Ahn, Changwon-City, South Korea *86-81–167
    5. Tiana Cruz, Kingston, Jamaica *89-83–172

7. Jasmine Chee, Hong Kong, China *86-86–172

7. Madison Elliott, Little River, SC *87-85–172

  1. Vivian Yen, Kaohsiung, Taiwan *92-82–174
  2. Emily Song, Waxhaw, NC *95-86–181
  3. Olivia Traynor, Villanova, PA *88-95–183
  4. Cindy Song, Waxhaw, NC *90-95–185
  5. Emily Ma, Taipei, Taiwan *94-96–190
  6. Yiqing Gong, Upper Saddle River, NJ *90-103–193


Boys 14 & Under Division- Blue Tees, 6,110 yards, Par 72


  1. Collier Curd, Bowling Green, KY *82-84–166
  2. Reed Sweigart, Roswell, GA *88-93–181
  3. Siyu Liao, Urumqi, China *101-90–191