North America Cup headed back with TEAM USA

The 11th annual North America Cup action completed with a round of singles matches with 14 heavily heated pairings fighting to bring the cup back to their country.  Below are the final round results from the event.

Round 3 – Singles Matches


8:04 AM – Rhys Davies            Def.         Jake Leppek                                                4 & 2

8:12 AM – Mike May Jr.           Def.         Mitchell McPhail                                       2 Up

8:20 AM – Nick Russell            Def.          Conaire Kehoe                                           4 & 2

8:28 AM – Nolan Windsor         Def.         Evan Katz                                                    AS

8:36 AM – Trent Abraham         Def.          Mark Benevento                                       3 & 1

8:44 AM – Eamon Marone        Def.          John McKiernan                                      4 & 2

8:52 AM – Matt Cholod              Def.         Matthew Cleary                                          4 & 2

9:00 AM – Matt Barto                Def.         Mike Flegel                                                   1 Up

9:08 AM – Emily Doyle              Def.         Jany Martin                                                 5 & 3

9:16 AM – Marie Donnici            Def.         Allyson Wentworth                                  6 & 4

9:24 AM – Kahn Lee                   Def.         Grant Leppek                                                4 & 3

9:32 AM – Jason Chung             Def.         C.J. Hughes                                                 5 & 4

9:40 AM – Tristan Vandette        Def.         Will Thomson                                           3 & 2

9:48 AM – Nate Menon               Def.         Michael Lavorato                                       8 & 6




Top 3 Highlights:

3. Though the focus was on the 14 players that represented TEAM USA, the IJGT wanted to take a second to recognize the parents and families of the players that showed their support all week.  If it was not the patriotic attire many mothers had on, it was the proud fathers cheering on their sons and daughters, or the little sisters constantly supporting their brothers down the fairways.  As said by many parents this weekend, this was more than just another golf tournament. It was an event the whole family would never forget. Although the matches were close, stressful, and competitive, TEAM USA always had smiling faces along the way. Once again, the IJGT wants to thank the parents of TEAM USA for making this experience one of the best it has ever seen.

2. If you want to play as much golf as you can, as well as not lose a match in this Ryder Cup style format, just ask Nick Russell of Hilton Head Island, S.C., how to do it.  Russell played fabulous in all three of the rounds starting with the dramatic finish on No. 18 of the fourball format of the first round.  Russell and Mike May Jr. of Auburn N.Y., managed to face a good bit of odds and May chipped in to halve the match on the 18th.  In the second round, Russell was paired with Jake Leppek of Rocklin, Calif., and the two found themselves down four in the first four holes.  Again, Russell and his partner battled back to halve the match.  In the third round, Russell took it into his own hands during singles matches.  Very competitive all day, Russell decided to cut this just a little bit short and win the match 3 & 1 on the 17th hole.  In the three-day match, no one else managed to play as many holes, as well as not lose a match like Russell did.

1.  To be named playing captain of IJGT TEAM USA was quite an honor for Matt Barto of Leechburg, Pa.  Barto more than lived up to the title that was given to him, on and off the course.  Barto’s attitude and determination were a key to the success of TEAM USA.  This was put on display in his third round which was singles matches.  Barto found himself down early and a few people counted him out.  At No. 11 teeing ground he was asked how he was doing and gave a hand signal that he was four down.  The difference however was that when most players are four down, they are not smiling and carrying on a conversation with their opponent.  Barto also had no idea how important his score could have been seeing he had known that some matches had been lost, with TEAM CANADA narrowing the gap.  Barto’s calm attitude led to him finding his swing late.  He won four of the next five holes and was all square heading to the 17th tee.  Barto did not look back from here as he showed his true leadership by battling adversity and won his match 1-Up playing all 18 holes.

North America Cup – Round 2 Results

The 11th annual North America Cup action resumed play this morning with the always challenging foursome matches.  Below are the second round results accompanied by the top-three highlights from the second round.

Round 2 – Foursomes

8:04 AM – Marie Donnici & Jany Martin                 Def.         Emily Doyle & Allyson Wentworth              1 Up

8:12 AM – Will Thomson & Nate Menon               Def.         Khan Lee & Michael Lavorato                     5 & 4

8:20 AM – C.J. Hughes & Grant Leppek               Def.          Jason Chung & Tristan Vandette               4 & 2

8:28 AM – Jake Leppek & Nick Russell              Halved         Nolan Windsor & Mike Flegel                      AS

8:36 AM –Trent Abraham & Matt Cholod              Def.          Evan Katz & Mike May Jr.                         3 & 1

8:44 AM – Matthew Cleary & Mark Benevento     Def.          Conaire Kehoe & Mitchell McPhail              4 & 2

8:52 AM – Eamon Marone & Matt Barto               Def.         Rhys Davies & John McKiernan                 4 & 2


Total (two-day)  SCORE: USA – 10          CANADA – 4


Top-Three Highlights:

3. Starting off of the first tee is never easy at the North America Cup as a large crowd always accompanies you on the tee.  This did not seem to phase Matthew Cleary of Greenville, Del., and Mark Benevento of Somers Point, N.J.  Benevento hit first telling Cleary he would leave him 150 yards in on the second shot if everything went to plan.  Joking, Cleary responded, “How about 137 yards, I have the club for that.”  Benevento shrugged it off and proceeded to blast his drive down the center of the fairway.  As they both approached the ball they took a look at their range finder to find that it had actually landed 137 yards from the flagstick.  Cleary now under pressure from the remark he made on the first tee took the opportunity and hit a fantastic shot inside 10 feet.  Benevento proceeded to finish the story by draining the putt which left the pairing 1-up after the first hole.

2.  The Girls pairing made up of Allyson Wentworth of Stewartsville, N.J., and Emily Doyle of Horseheads, N.Y., did not start their day off as they had planned.  They found themselves 3-down after No. 5 and proceeded to fall into a little struggle as they made it to No. 11 now down by six with seven holes to play.  At this point the two young ladies decided it was time to go back to what they knew best and that was enjoying the game they love.  You quickly saw the smiles come to their faces and the shots get better.  After winning the 12th hole they halved the 13th hole and many spectators felt the match would quickly be over.  The American girls had other plans.  They tore through the next four holes winning every single one of them and the whole golf course was buzzing of the miraculous change of events.  Ultimately the Canadians won the match on No. 18, but not enough can be said about the Americans determination and will to never give up.

1.  The worst thing you can do in match play is dig yourself into a deep hole early in which most will ever get out of.  Jake Leppek of Rocklin, Calif., and Nick Russell of Hilton Head Island, S.C., sure did this by losing the first four holes of the day.  Give up? These young men never gave up and stormed back fighting off some great play by their Canadian counterparts.  They got an opportunity on No. 9 and ran with it.  They won holes Nos. 9-11 and were suddenly back in the match with the momentum behind them.  The Americans found themselves yet again with an unlucky break on the 16th and went down one.  As always there was no negative attitude and Russell was in the heat of it for the second day in a row.  They forced the play to 18 where they took advantage of an errant Canadian shot that found the left bunker.  The Americans found a way to come back and halve the hole when to most of the people watching thought they were down and out after losing the first four holes.

North America Cup – First Round Results

The 11th annual North America Cup kicked off this morning with an exciting round of fourball play at the exquisite Weston Golf & Country Club.  Below are the first round results accompanied by the top-three highlights from the first round.

Round 1 – Fourball

8:04 AM – Emily Doyle & Allyson Wentworth     Def.          Marie Donnici & Jany Martin                       2 & 1

8:12 AM – Will Thomson & C.J. Hughes             Def.         Tristan Vandette & Michael Lavorato            5 & 4

8:20 AM – Nate Menon & Grant Leppek             Def.         Jason Chung & Khan Lee                            2 & 1

8:28 AM – Trent Abraham & Matt Cholod           Def.         Jake Leppek & Matthew Cleary                    3 & 2

8:36 AM – Nick Russell & Mike May Jr.            Halved      Rhys Davies & John McKiernan                       AS

8:44 AM – Eamon Marone & Evan Katz              Def.          Nolan Windsor & Conaire Kehoe                 4 & 2

8:52 AM – Mark Benevento & Matt Barto            Def.         Mike Flegel & Mitchell McPhail                    5 & 4




Top 3 Highlights:

3. The Girls Division may have played as the toughest match all day.  TEAM USA made up of Emily Doyle of Horseheads, N.Y., and Allyson Wentworth of Stewartsville, N.J., found themselves down by two early in the round but fought back to give themselves a chance to win.  They got it back to all square at the turn with some spectacular shots.  TEAM CANADA battled all day but the girls were finally able to pull out a 2 & 1 victory.

2. Hole No. 3 at Weston is a very tough par-5 dogleg that turns directly up the hill to a very elevated green.  Eamon Marone of Belvidere, N.J., found himself in the deep rough with a terrible lie after his tee shot, but this didn’t stop Marone from going for the green in two.  180 yards from the flagstick does not seem easy from high rough and up a treacherous hill, but Marone made it look simple banking the ball off of the flagstick to leave him a tap in eagle and easy win for the hole.

1.  As all of the players except Nick Russell of Hilton Head Island, S.C., & Mike May Jr. of Auburn, N.Y., had finished their round, this pairing never gave up.  After hole No. 16 they were down two with two holes to play and things were not looking great for the Americans.  They managed to push the event to the final hole by winning the 17th.  The 18th tee was not what they expected as they both fired their shots down the left side and towards the trees.  May had no line at the hole but got the ball out to just in front of the green.  Russell made a miraculous shot and landed the ball within 15 feet of the flagstick which left everyone with the thought that his putt was going to be the difference.  With both teams, parents, and Weston members watching, May played his ball up towards the hole.  In fact, as the ball kept rolling, the crowd started getting excited when they realized it could go in. Finally the ball fell to the bottom of the cup to complete the fantastic comeback and to halve the match.  As TEAM USA stormed to jump on May, everyone in attendance felt a sense of unity for the 14 outstanding young men and women that make up IJGT TEAM USA.

Bridgestone Series at Longaberger – May 18-19, 2013 – Final Results

Hoshor takes home first IJGT title

Hughes captures crown at Longaberger

NASHPORT, Ohio – The International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) hosted the final event in the Bridgestone Series at Longaberger Golf Club in Nashport, Ohio May 18-19. With beautiful conditions, 22 elite junior golfers representing five states competed for national recognition and IJGT Merit Points in this two-day 36-hole competition.

Cory HoshorIn the Boys 15-19 Division, Cory Hoshor of Buffalo, W.Va., had a three-stroke lead heading into Sunday. Hoshor had a quick start on Saturday with a birdie and an eagle on the front nine, and carded a 4-over-par 76 in his first round. Hoshor also earned KENTWOOL Socks Lo-Pro honors for his impressive first-round play. With fellow competitor Jack Ford of Springboro, Ohio, close behind, Hoshor needed to bring his “A” game on Sunday.

Hoshor’s final round did not start off the way he intended, but he quickly turned it around by making par on five consecutive holes to end his front nine. Ford was trailing by two strokes after the turn, which made for an exciting back nine. Hoshor made par on the first three holes on the back nine, which gave him the momentum to take home his first IJGT title. The par 3s were the difference maker for Hoshor, as he made par on every one carding a tournament total of 158.

“It feels so cool to win on this level with the IJGT being such a big tour,” said Hoshor. “My iron game was on this weekend, and I was able to hit great approach shots that turned into birdies.”

Finishing just behind Hosher was Ford, with a weekend score of 159. Rounding out the top three in the Boys 15-19 Division was Eddie Zhang of Murrysville, Pa., carding a weekend total of 163.

C.J. HughesC.J. Hughes of Indiana, Pa., took home the title in the Boys 14 & Under Division carding a first round 4-over-par 76. On Saturday, Hughes shot a 38 on the front nine, which included an impressive birdie on the tough par-3 ninth hole at Longaberger Golf Club. He also earned KENTWOOL Socks Lo-Pro honors for his first-round score. Hughes had a five-stroke lead over the competition going into the final round of play on Sunday.

“I just wanted to put the first round behind me and just have a clean slate for the second 18,” said Hughes.

On Sunday, Hughes got off to a hot start with four birdies and no bogeys which put him at 4-under-par after the turn. He continued his great play by making birdie on the tough par-5 No. 10. Hughes’s finished with a 2-under-par 70 to round out a fantastic weekend. Hughes’s spectacular second-round play earned him Clazic Belts Low Final Round honors and most importantly, his first IJGT Title.

“It feels really good to take home my first IJGT title.” said Hughes. “It is going to help me heading into future tournaments.”

Coming in second place was Jake Sollon of Venetia, Pa., with a final score of 155. Rounding out the top three in the Boys 14 & Under Division was Angelo Mancinelli of Moosic, Pa., with a tournament total of 174.

Gillian AlexanderIn the Girls Division, Gillian Alexander of Rices Landing, Pa., took home the title in dramatic fashion. Alexander, who carded a first-round 83, earned KENTWOOL Socks Lo-Pro honors and had a one-stroke lead heading into Sunday. Emily Doyle of Horseheads, N.Y., trailed Alexander by one stroke and Audrey Clawson of Sarver, Pa., was close behind trailing by two strokes, which made for an exciting final round.

After a shaky start in her final round, Alexander found herself trailing Doyle by two strokes after the turn. After a strong first couple of holes on the back nine, Alexander and Doyle were even after 14 holes. Doyle made par on No. 16 and No. 17, which gave her a one-stroke lead heading into the final hole. Alexander saved her best shots for No. 18 as she stuck her approach shot 15 feet from the hole. She made par on No. 18, which was just enough to put her in first place at the Bridgestone Series at Longaberger.

“It feels really good to win,” Alexander said. “It is definitely going to be a big confidence booster heading into my future tournaments.”

The IJGT will be heading to Orlando, Fla. next weekend to host its annual Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions at Grand Cypress Golf Club May 25-27. For more information on the Tournament of Champions or any other IJGT event visit or call (843) 785-2444.


About the IJGT

The IJGT provides exceptional junior golfers with the opportunity to develop and showcase their competitive skills while setting high standards to preserve the traditions and integrity of the game. As a tour that operates primarily throughout the academic year, the IJGT hosts approximately 60 tournaments annually. In addition, the IJGT hosts three international events. Each event provides multi-day competition for junior golfers of all skill levels ages 9-19. Players representing 45 states and 43 countries around the world regularly compete in events at venues such as TPC Sawgrass, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Kiawah Island Resort, and Harbour Town Golf Links. Official partners of the IJGT include Bridgestone Golf, Quagmire Golf, KENTWOOL, CHAMP Spikes, Clazic Belts, AB Golf Designs, The First Tee, Sundog Eyewear morodZ, PURE Grips, and International Junior Golf Academy.

To obtain more information about the IJGT, please visit or call (800) 792-9143.


NASHPORT, Ohio – Final round results of the IJGT Bridgestone Series at Longaberger conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour completed May 19, 2013. Boys 15-19 Division: Gold Tees – 6866 yards, Par 72 (73.0/137) Boys 14 & Under Division: Blue Tees – 6367 yards, Par 72 (70.8/131) Girls Division: White Tees – 6071 yards, Par 72 (74.5/128).

Weather: Saturday: Sunny with temperatures in the low 70’s with 5-10 mph winds

Sunday: Sunny with temperatures in the low 70’s with 5-10 mph winds


International Junior Golf Tour
The Bridgestone Series at Longaberger
Nashport, Ohio
May 18-19, 2013
Boys 15-19 Division-(Gold Tees) 6,866 Yards, Par 72
1. Cory Hoshor, Buffalo, WV *76-82–158
2. Jack Ford, Springboro, OH *79-80–159
3. Eddie Zhang, Murrysville, PA *82-81–163
4.Patrick Sheerer, Pittsburgh, PA *86-79–165
4. Kellen Bohn, Bettendorf, IA *83-82–165
6. Aaron Liebenthal, Sylvania, OH *83-85–168
7. Ben Mullins, Valencia, PA *85-91–176
8. Bobby Hapanowicz, Presto, PA *90-87–177
9. Frank Pantano, Gibsonia, PA *90-89–179
9. Collin Davis, Pittsburgh, PA *89-90–179
11. Dominick Mancinelli, Moosic, PA *87-93–180
Skyler Roederer, Cambridge, OH *92-DQ (Rule 6-3a)
Nick Lowry, Mars, PA *DQ (Rule 6-6b)
Boys 14 & Under Division-(Blue Tees) 6,387 Yards, Par 72
1. C.J. Hughes, Indiana, PA *76-700–146
2. Jake Sollon, Venetia, PA *81-74–155
3. Angelo Mancinelli, Moosic, PA *87-87–174
4. Matthew Bonadies, New Albany, OH *88-88–176
5. Paul Mastros, Wintersville, OH *95-97–192
6. Alexander Giatras, Charleston, WV *102-111–213
Girls Division-(White Tees) 6,071 Yards, Par 72
1. Gillian Alexander, Rices Landing, PA *83-82–165
2. Emily Doyle, Horseheads, NY *84-83–167
3. Audrey Clawson, Sarver, PA *85-93–178
4. Anna Schatschneider, Avon, OH *111-99–210
5. Erica Mawhorr, Zanesville, OH *119-103–222
Jaclyn Fanola, Monroe, MI *DQ (Rule 6-3a)


Players of the Week – May 18-19, 2013

NASHPORT, Ohio  – The International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) traveled to the buckeye state for the first time of the season and visited the magnificent Longaberger Golf Club in Nashport, Ohio.  Longaberger did not let down its reputation for great course conditions and a challenging test for any golfer.  However, Jake Sollon of Venetia, Pa., and Emily Doyle of Horseheads, N.Y., took on the challenge to earn themselves player of the week honors.

Jake Sollon already had a top-three finish at the Bridgestone Series at Greate Bay and a top-10 finish in the challenging field at the Major Championship at Nemacolin.  Sollon came to Longaberger knowing he would have to put together another stellar performance in order to finish at the top of the leaderboard.  He started the event off with a 44, Saturday, on the front nine.  Determined to find a way back to the top of the leaderboard Sollon played outstanding for the rest of the event.  He fired an impressive 37 on the back nine, which was complimented by two birdies.  Trailing leader C.J. Hughes of Indiana, Pa., heading into the final round Sollon knew he had to be spot on in order to give Hughes a test coming down the final stretch.  He did nothing short of this continuing his impressive play from Saturday.  He started the day with a tough birdie on the par-4 second hole.  From here he cruised to a 37 on the front nine, a remarkable seven strokes better than the day prior.  The back nine featured the same kind of play as Sollon recorded eight pars in route to another 37 and a final-round 74.  This earned him a second-place finish and his highest IJGT finish.  The IJGT staff looks forward to watching the impressive play of Sollon as he is bound to bring home his first title in the near future.

Emily Doyle has been a familiar face in the 2012-2013 season, as she headed to Longaberger to play in her eighth event of the season.  Not a stranger to the top of the leaderboard, Doyle has found herself in the top-10 in five of her seven appearances including a top-3 finish at the Major Championship at Nemacolin.  Looking to improve on this she came out the first round and fired a 42 on the treacherous front nine at Longaberger.  She followed this up with another 42 to finish with an 84 just one behind the leader.  Knowing she had some work ahead of her on Sunday, she fired and impressive 39 on the front nine.  On the back nine Doyle finished her event with a 44 recording her first second-place finish in an IJGT Event.  Doyle’s consistently impressive play has not gone unnoticed and the IJGT looks for her to find her first title in the near future.