109 Players at the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions


 Orlando, Fla..– The International Junior Golf Tour ended their 2015-2016 season in Orlando, Fla. with the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions. This weekend the tour also celebrated the All IJGT Team, top ten players in each division, at The Groove at Universal City Walk. The IJGT had 24 countries and 18 states represent this weekend at Grand Cypress Resort. The three-day tournament had sunny skies and humid temperatures. Each player competed for AJGA Stars, and National Rankings.



In the Boys 15-19 Division, the Tournament of Champions had 7 boys under-par for tournament. Louis-Francois Charpentier, from Winter Garden, Fla., took the championship by one stroke. Charpentier had 12 birdies over the past three days, and carded a total of 208, (69, 66, 73). There was a tie for second place between Ryoto Furuya and Carlos Marrero. Marrero and Furuya shot a total of 209, one stroke behind the champion. Furuya, from Alpharetta, G.A., carded 67, 69, 73, for the three days with 15 birdies and an eagle. Marrero carded 70, 69, 70, with 11 birdies and also an eagle.


“It feels awesome to win my last junior tournament. I chose the IJGT as my last tournament because of the top venues and strong fields. The tournament this weekend was very well ran and the course was in great shape. I’m not surprised on how I played, I stayed patient and was pleased with the outcome. This summer I will be getting ready to play college golf at Rollins College and qualifying for the RBC Candian Open,” commented Charpentier.


The Boys 14 and Under Division had 12 players compete this weekend. Kaito Kitazoe, of Nara, Japan, shot even for tournament; a total of 216. He carded 73, 68, 75, with 10 birdies and an eagle. Behind Kitazoe was Grant Gobezie. Gobezie, from Hunting Valley, O.H., who shot a total of 221; 73, 77, 71. Coming in third was Alec Nachmann who shot a total of 224.


“I played really well, I played as best as I could this weekend. I liked how my 8 iron was working, I hit it far and it goes really high. The course was amazing, simply beautiful. The fairways were well manicured and the greens were challenging. I loved everything about this course,” said Kitazoe.



In the Girls Division, 29 girls competed for the Championship. Kayla Kozak, of Bluffton, S.C., kept the first place title for all three days, and she was also the IJGT Player of the Year. Kozak carded a total of 214 with 7 birdies and 3 eagles. Over the three days Kozak kept her scores under par by shooting 71, 72, 71. Behind Kozak was Ximena Gonzalez of Queretaro, Mexico. Gonzalez shot 72, 73, 75, a total of 220 Yukie Sasaki of Hiroshima, Japan, battled back to take the third place title this weekend. Sasaki carded a total of 221 with 13 birdies.


“I stayed with my process this weekend, I focused on not getting ahead of myself. The three-day tournament was very tiring, I was feeling really dehydrated. I made sure I drank a lot of water and got to bed early. The three day tournament was great preparation for college golf. This summer I’m going to focus on my process. I will take it one shot at a time and keep playing tournaments, I just will stay driven,” Kozak said.



Each tournament the IJGT recognizes the low final round, presented by Clazic Belts. For the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions two players received the award.

Kayla Kozak: 71

Ryan Daughtery: 69


Final Results of the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions at Grand Cypress were conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour on May 28-30.

Boys 15-19 Division: Black Tees- 6,698 par 72 (71.2/119). Boys 14 &Under Division: Blue Tees-6,205 (69.4/115). Girls Division: White Tees-5,880 (72.3/120).


Boys 15-19 Division

1. Louis-Francois Charpentier, Winter Garden, FL *69-66-73–208

2. Ryoto Furuya, Alpharetta, GA, *67-69-73–209

2. Carlos Marrero, Valencia, Venezuela, *70-69-70–209

4. Taisuke Ono, Tokyo, Japan *71-70-70–211

5. Sampson Zheng, Kissimmee, FL *70-72-70-212

6. Ian Peng, Chang Hua, Taiwan *71-72-71–214

7. HaoHua Zhang, Howey in the Hills, FL *75-70-70–215

8. Saptak Talwar, New Delhi, India *73-73-70–216

9. Kosuke Suzuki, Noda *72-70-75–217

9. Tennoshin Ogawa, Ichinomiya-shi, Japan *70-72-75–217

11. Luis Pons, Leon, Mexico *72-73-73–218

11. Connor Creasy, Abingdon, VA *76-70-72–218

11. Lino Galdin, Nesmy, France *78-70-70–218

14. Aniruddh Kedlaya, Bangalore, India *73-68-78–219

14. Lukas Clark, Holland, PA *74-71-74–219

14. Arjun Puri, New Delhi, India *76-70-73–219

17. Mashengjun Li, Shanghai, China *75-71-74–220

17. Blaise Vanitvelt, Flint, MI *72-74-74–220

19. Colin Caporal, Gainesville, VA *75-72-74–221

20. Dong Jin Park, Seoul, South Korea *75-77-70–222

20. Luigi Wong, Baguio City, Philippines *74-78-70–222

20. Gray Johnston, Saint Simons Island, GA *73-79-70–222

20. Tianyu Wu, Beijing, China *73-74-75–222

24. Colton Tanner, Park City, UT *75-72-76–223

25. Tristan Galant, Cape Town, South Africa *75-72-77–224

25. David Fu, Zhengzhou, China *75-72-77–224

27. Richard Riva III, Lancaster, PA *76-75-74–225

28. Won Jun Choi, Seoul, South Korea *79-68-79–226

28. Conor Byrne, Dublin, Ireland *76-74-76–226

30. Samuel Cudjoe, Bethel, Trinidad and Tobago *75-80-72–227

30. Brett Inserra, Upper Saddle River, NJ *77-77-73–227

32. Ryan Dougherty, Wexford, PA *82-77-69–228

32. Guodong Ji, Quing Dao, China *80-75-73–228

32. Jose Haces, Puebla, Mexico *75-78-75–228

32. Chun Yan Leong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *78-72-78–228

36. Gordan Brixi, Potomac, MD *80-75-74–229

36. Alejandro Guillen, Mexico City, Mexico *76-76-77–229

38. Feng Chen, Beijing, China *81-73-77–231

39. Jack O’Donovan, Pittsford, NY *76-79-77–232

39. Antonio Miguel, Puebla, Mexico *73-79-80–232

41. Jake Raichle, Bethlehem, NH *75-79-79–233

42. Chase Goff, Annapolis, MD *79-74-81–234

43. Marc Groenhuysen, West Chester, PA *82-79-74–235

44. Punya Khanna, Dubai, United Arab Emirates *82-77-77–236

44. Marc Sabria, Barcelona, Spain *82-75-79–236

44. Demetrius Johnson, Anchorage, AK *79-79-78–236

47. Luke Fayocavitz, Clarks Summit, PA *82-77-79–238

48. Philip Chen, Taiwan, Taipei *80-78-81–239

49. Daniel Song, Beijing, China *81-79-80–240

50. Trent Hope, Savannah, GA *79-83-79–241

50. Kevin Ying, Dallas, TX *78-84-79–241

52. Thomas Pfoestl, Schenna, Italy *88-80-74–242

52. Ryan Pongrac, Freehold, NJ *84-79-79–242

52. Max Castaneda, Mexico City, Mexico *85-75-82–242

52. Connor Downey, Franklin, TN *83-77-82–242

56. Connor McArdle, Oviedo, FL*90-78-77–245

57. Konosuke Takahashi, Tokyo, Japan *75-92-81-248

57. Jaydon Pang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *83-83-82–248

57. Xiaofeng Hu, Qiang Dao, China *81-88-79–248

60. Will Klein, Bethesda, MD *84-83-83–250

61. Kotaro Nishimura, Tokyo, Japan *84-85-84–253

62. William Riva, Lancaster, PA *85-81-88–254

63. Adam Shilling, North Palm Beach, FL *85-87-83–255

64. Holden Neeves, Bradenton, FL *85-84-87–256

65. Greg Shen, Vancouver, Canada *92-82-86–260

66. Estevan Valdes, Wellington, FL *87-91-85–263

67. Rekgabile Nyhonyha, Johannesberg, South Africa *89-87-88–264

68. John McCallum, Saint Simons Island, GA *90-87-89–266


Girls Division


1. Kayla Kozak, Bluffton, SC *71-72-71–214

2. Ximena Gonzalez, Queretaro, Mexico *72-73-75–220

3. Yukie Sasaki, Hiroshima, Japan *73-76-72–221

4. Ankita Kedlaya, Bangalore, India *72-79-73–224

5. Claire Albrecht, Ormond Beach, FL *75-72-79–226

6. Wint Phoo Aung, Yangon, Myanmar *74-76-77–227

6. Siyan Chen, Hanzhou City, China *76-74-77–227

8. Jasmine Chee, Hong Kong, China *77-76-75–228

8. Tracy Lee, Seoul, South Korea *74-76-78–228

10. Melany Chong, Mississauga, Canada *79-79-73–231

11. Rou Yin, Zhejiang, China *77-74-81–232

12. Tiana Cruz, Kingston, Jamaica *76-77-80–233

12. Ananya Datar, Bluffton, SC *77-82-74–233

14. Renata Fierro, Yucatan, Mexico *79-76-80–235

15. Greer Valaquenta, Bradenton, FL *77-74-85–236

16. Suthisa Uenghiranpaisan, Bangkok, Thailand *78-76-84–238

17. Sarah Perine, Staten Island, NY *83-81-76–240

18. Julia Kashimura, Orlando, FL *85-77-81–243

18. Sophia Burnett, Bluffton, SC *82-84-77-243

20. Ananya Barthakur, Bluffton, SC *84-81-80-245 +29

21. Meredith Langs, Hilton Head Island, SC *83-85-81–249

22. Katya King, Celebration, FL *81-90-79–250

23. Angela Rivera, El Conchal, Alvarado *83-85-83–251

24. Haley Danford, Longwood, FL *83-86-91–260

25. Alle Galla, Palm Beach Gardens, FL *90-87-94–271

26. Camila Burnett, Bluffton, SC *94-94-85–273

27. Yiqing Gong, Upper Saddle River, NJ *88-94-92–274

28. Ava Marano, Jupiter, FL *96-90-91–277

29. Izzy Galla, Palm Beach Gardens, FL *103-91-87–281


Boys 14 and Under Division


1. Kaito Kitazoe, Nara, Japan *73-68-75–216

2. Grant Gobezie, Hunting Valley, OH *73-77-71–221

3. Alec Nachmann, Boca Raton, FL *75-71-78–224

4. Collier Curd, Bowling Green, KY *74-77-74–225

5. Mikee Ordona, Upland, CA *74-75-77–226

6. Alex Gu, Darien, CT *78-77-75–230

7. Johnny Wright, Orlando, FL *82-71-79–232

8. AJ Jaiswal, Wesley Chapel, FL *82-79-78–239

9. Luke Sample, New York, NY *85-79-76–240

10. Will Whittaker, Palm Beach Gardens *79-77-85–241

11. Chase Phillips, Hilton Head Island, SC *83-81-78–242

12. Amal Jha, Noida, India *92-87-84–263


Florida Junior at Disney Resort – Round one recap (Oct. 11, 2014)

The IJGT’s Southeast Tour headed south to Disney’s Palm Golf Course to host the opening round of the Florida Junior at Disney Resort on October 11, 2014. With weather still resembling summer, juniors teed off beginning at 1:30 p.m. In review, the opening round’s divisional leaders and their rounds, in numbers, are below.

Cameron Clair of Bluffton S.C., sits at the top of the Boys 15-19 Division leaderboard. His round in numbers:

73 – his 1-over round one score, one stroke out in front

9 – Clair is coming off of a ninth-place finish at the IJGT Lowcountry Open at Oldfield Golf Club on September 27-28, 2014 . He also tied for ninth in the 2013 Florida Junior which was held at Black Diamond Quarry

2 – he carded two birdies, both coming on difficult par-5s

Leading the group in the Boys 14 & Under Division is Francis Li of Howey-in-the-hills, Fla. His round in numbers:

73 – his 1-over round one score, leaving him seven strokes ahead of second place

4 – total birdies, the most in the division

1 – this is his first-ever IJGT event

Bunyaporn Zeng of Bangkhen, Thailand, leads the Girls Division. Her round in numbers:

74 – her 2-over round one score to carry the round one lead

8 – she carded par or better on eight consecutive holes on the back nine, her longest streak

4 – total birdies, three of which were on par-5 holes

The final round at of the Florida Junior at Disney Resort will take place tomorrow, October, 12, 2014, with tee times beginning at 7:20 a.m. For full results from round one of the Florida Juniorclick here. Keep up to date with up-to-the-minute updates and other news by following on @IJGT Twitter.