North America Cup – Final Results

The final round of North America Cup concluded on July 9, 2015, with Team Canada winning the annual match-play competition for the second consecutive year. The competition was tied going into the 13 singles matches on the last day, which set the stage for an exciting finish. The final round atmosphere exceeded all expectations with matches going back and forth between Team USA and Team Canada.

Jack Cornforth was the first match out, and he got the momentum shifted towards the American side after his convincing 5&4 victory. Fellow 14 & Under Division teammate, James Meyers grabbed the second point of the day for Team USA with a 2&1 victory. Team Canada grabbed the remaining two points in the Boys 14 & Under Division to square things up.

In the Boys 15-19 Division, Cole Berger was able to grab a critical point with his 5&4 victory to put another American Flag on the board. Team Canada displayed great resilience bouncing back with the next three points to retake lead. It was short lived as Dylan Plis and Richard Riva III were able to collect 3&2 victories to tie the matches. In the last three matches on the course, Sean Stanistreet was able to record a half point and Gillian Alexander in the Girls Division rallied to win her match 2&1.

At the end of the day, the matches were tied at 13.5 points giving the cup to Team Canada who had won the 2014 North America Cup in South Carolina. Both teams demonstrated outstanding effort throughout the course of the matches. The healthy competitive environment between Team USA and Team Canada was a testament to the spirit of the event, which is in its 13th year. Here are the final results of the singles matches.

Final Results – Singles Matches

2015 North America Cup
Thursday, July 9, 2015
Weston Golf & Country Club

Team Canada

Team USA


Match 1 Jean-Philippe Denicourt vs Jack Cornforth USA 5&4
Match 2 Robbie Latter vs James Meyers USA 2&1
Match 3 Parker Lee vs Mikee Ordona CAN 6&4
Match 4 Max Wang vs TJ Buck CAN 4&2
Match 5 Tyler Erb vs Cole Berger USA 5&4
Match 6 Fritz Lo vs Jake Sitzler CAN 3&1
Match 7 Andrew Russ vs West Shaw CAN 6&4
Match 8 Ryan Trapp vs Dylan Plis USA 3&2
Match 9 Angelo Giantsopolous vs Richard Riva III USA 3&2
Match 10 Aiden Gavey vs RJ Wren CAN 1up
Match 11 Matthew Vihant vs Reid Bedell CAN 7&5
Match 12 Ty Celone vs Sean Stanistreet AS
Match 13 Katelyn McMahon vs Gillian Alexander USA 2&1
Team USA

North America Cup – Round 2 Results & Round 3 Pairings

North America Cup action continued on July 8, 2015, at Weston Golf & Country Club with Team USA winning the foursomes matches 4-3 to draw even with Team Canada in the overall competition. Here is a summary of the matches.


Second Round Results – Foursomes 

CJGA Team Canada IJGT Team USA Result
Katelyn McMahon Gillian Alexander USA 3&1
Emilie Tyndall   
Ty Celone vs. Richard Riva III CAN 5&4
Angelo Giantsopolous Jake Sitzler
Fritz Lo vs. Reid Bedell USA 6&5
Ryan Trapp RJ Wren
Tyler Erb vs. Cole Berger USA 4&3
Andrew Russ West Shaw
Matthew Vihant vs. Sean Stanistreet CAN 4&2
Aidan Gavey Dylan Plis
Jean-Philippe Denicourt  vs. Mikee Ordona CAN 1UP
Max Wang Jack Cornforth
Robbie Latter  vs. TJ Buck USA 3&2
Parker Lee James Meyers


This sets the stage for an exciting day of golf on July 9, 2015. 13 singles matches will be contested with Team USA needing to get to at total of 14.5 points to bring the North America Cup back to United States soil. Team Canada will look to retain the cup after winning the 2014 North America Cup. Tee times for the singles matches start at 7:30am off No. 1 tee at Weston Golf & Country Club. You can view the matches here.

Final Round Pairings – Singles Matches

2015 North America Cup

Thursday July 9, 2015

Weston Golf & Country Club

                              Team Canada                                                  Team USA

7:30AM                Jean-Philippe Denicourt             vs                          Jack Conforth

7:39AM                Robbie Latter                                   vs                          James Meyers

7:48AM                Parker Lee                                         vs                          Mikee Ordona

7:57AM                 Max Wang                                         vs                          TJ Buck

8:06AM                Tyler Erb                                           vs                          Cole Berger

8:15AM                 Fritz Lo                                               vs                          Jake Sitzler

8:24AM                Andrew Russ                                    vs                          West Shaw

8:33AM                Ryan Trapp                                       vs                          Dylan Plis

8:42AM                Angelo Giantsopolous                  vs                          Richard Riva III

8:51AM                 Aidan Gavey                                      vs                          RJ Wren

9:00AM               Matthew Vihant                               vs                          Reid Bidell

9:09AM               Ty Celone                                            vs                          Sean Stanistreet

9:18AM                Emilie Tyndall                                   vs                          Gillian Alexander

Team USA

North America Cup – Round 1 Results & Round 2 Pairings

The North Amwerica Cup got underway on July 7, 2015, at Weston Golf & Country Club with Team Canada, represented by the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA), taking a 4-3 lead in the annual match-play event. Today’s matches were played in a fourball format. All matches were tightly contested with no side winning by more than a two-hole margin. Below are the final results from day one.

First Round Results – Fourball 

CJGA Team Canada IJGT Team USA Result
Katelyn McMahon Gillian Alexander CAN 2&1
Emilie Tyndall   
Andrew Russ vs. Sean Stanistreet USA 2&1
Angelo Giantsopolous Dylan Plis
Tyler Erb vs. Richard Riva III CAN 2&1
Ryan Trapp RJ Wren
Ty Celone vs. Reid Bedell USA 2UP
Fritz Lo West Shaw
Matthew Vihant vs. Jake Sitzler CAN 1UP
Aidan Gavey Cole Berger
Jean-Philippe Denicourt  vs. TJ Buck USA 2&1
Max Wang James Meyers
Robbie Latter  vs. Mikee Ordona CAN 2&1
Parker Lee Jack Cornforth

Play in the North America Cup will resume on July 8, 2015, with foursomes play. Team USA will look to gain some ground on Team Canada as it will take 14.5 points to win the North America Cup this year. Here are the pairings for day two.

Second Round Pairings – Foursome Matches

2015 North America Cup

Wednesday July 8, 2015

Weston Golf & Country Club

                                                            Team Canada                              Team USA

8:00AM                Jean-Philippe Denicourt                 vs                    Jack Cornforth

                                 Max Wang                                                                      Mikee Ordona

8:10AM                Robbie Latter                                   vs                          TJ Buck

                                Parker Lee                                                                       James Meyers

8:20AM                Matthew Vihant                vs                          Sean Stanistreet

                                 Aidan Gavey                                                      Dylan Plis

8:30AM               Tyler Erb                                            vs                          West Shaw

                                Andrew Russ                                                                   Cole Berger

8:40AM                Ty Celone                                          vs                          Jake Sitzler

                                Angelo Giantsopolous                                                 Richard Riva III

8:50AM                Fritz Lo                                               vs                          Reid Bedell

                                Ryan Trapp                                                                      RJ Wren

9:00AM                Katelyn McMahon                           vs                          Gillian Alexander

                                 Emilie Tyndall


Team USA

North America Cup begins in Canada

For the past 13 years, the IJGT and the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) have competed in the North America Cup. The annual match-play event features 14 players from Team Canada against 14 players selected to represent IJGT Team USA. After the Opening Ceremonies and the official practice round on July 6, 2015, the squads are ready to face off in the first day of competition. The teams will play fourball matches. Here are the pairings for today.

First Round Pairings – Fourball Matches

2015 North America Cup

Tuesday July 7, 2015

Weston Golf & Country Club

                                                Team Canada                                 Team USA


8:00AM                Katelyn McMahon                         vs                          Gillian Alexander

                               Emilie Tyndall  


8:10AM                Andrew Russ                                    vs                          Sean Stanistreet

                              Angelo Giantsopolous                                                  Dylan Plis


8:20AM                Tyler Erb                                            vs                          Richard Riva III

                               Ryan Trapp                                                                     RJ Wren


8:30AM                Ty Celone                                          vs                          Reid Bedell

                               Fritz Lo                                                                           West Shaw


8:40AM                Matthew Vihant                             vs                          Jake Sitzler

                               Aidan Gavey                                                                 Cole Berger


8:50AM                Jean-Philippe Denicourt vs                          TJ Buck

                              Max Wang                                                        James Meyers                  


9:00AM                Robbie Latter                                   vs                          Mikee Ordona

                               Parker Lee                                        vs                          Jack Cornforth


IJGT tournament directors Chris Schramm and Brandon Nettles are there with the team serving as captains for the event. Best of luck to all the players and Go USA!

Bridgestone Series at Longaberger – May 18-19, 2013 – Final Results

Hoshor takes home first IJGT title

Hughes captures crown at Longaberger

NASHPORT, Ohio – The International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) hosted the final event in the Bridgestone Series at Longaberger Golf Club in Nashport, Ohio May 18-19. With beautiful conditions, 22 elite junior golfers representing five states competed for national recognition and IJGT Merit Points in this two-day 36-hole competition.

Cory HoshorIn the Boys 15-19 Division, Cory Hoshor of Buffalo, W.Va., had a three-stroke lead heading into Sunday. Hoshor had a quick start on Saturday with a birdie and an eagle on the front nine, and carded a 4-over-par 76 in his first round. Hoshor also earned KENTWOOL Socks Lo-Pro honors for his impressive first-round play. With fellow competitor Jack Ford of Springboro, Ohio, close behind, Hoshor needed to bring his “A” game on Sunday.

Hoshor’s final round did not start off the way he intended, but he quickly turned it around by making par on five consecutive holes to end his front nine. Ford was trailing by two strokes after the turn, which made for an exciting back nine. Hoshor made par on the first three holes on the back nine, which gave him the momentum to take home his first IJGT title. The par 3s were the difference maker for Hoshor, as he made par on every one carding a tournament total of 158.

“It feels so cool to win on this level with the IJGT being such a big tour,” said Hoshor. “My iron game was on this weekend, and I was able to hit great approach shots that turned into birdies.”

Finishing just behind Hosher was Ford, with a weekend score of 159. Rounding out the top three in the Boys 15-19 Division was Eddie Zhang of Murrysville, Pa., carding a weekend total of 163.

C.J. HughesC.J. Hughes of Indiana, Pa., took home the title in the Boys 14 & Under Division carding a first round 4-over-par 76. On Saturday, Hughes shot a 38 on the front nine, which included an impressive birdie on the tough par-3 ninth hole at Longaberger Golf Club. He also earned KENTWOOL Socks Lo-Pro honors for his first-round score. Hughes had a five-stroke lead over the competition going into the final round of play on Sunday.

“I just wanted to put the first round behind me and just have a clean slate for the second 18,” said Hughes.

On Sunday, Hughes got off to a hot start with four birdies and no bogeys which put him at 4-under-par after the turn. He continued his great play by making birdie on the tough par-5 No. 10. Hughes’s finished with a 2-under-par 70 to round out a fantastic weekend. Hughes’s spectacular second-round play earned him Clazic Belts Low Final Round honors and most importantly, his first IJGT Title.

“It feels really good to take home my first IJGT title.” said Hughes. “It is going to help me heading into future tournaments.”

Coming in second place was Jake Sollon of Venetia, Pa., with a final score of 155. Rounding out the top three in the Boys 14 & Under Division was Angelo Mancinelli of Moosic, Pa., with a tournament total of 174.

Gillian AlexanderIn the Girls Division, Gillian Alexander of Rices Landing, Pa., took home the title in dramatic fashion. Alexander, who carded a first-round 83, earned KENTWOOL Socks Lo-Pro honors and had a one-stroke lead heading into Sunday. Emily Doyle of Horseheads, N.Y., trailed Alexander by one stroke and Audrey Clawson of Sarver, Pa., was close behind trailing by two strokes, which made for an exciting final round.

After a shaky start in her final round, Alexander found herself trailing Doyle by two strokes after the turn. After a strong first couple of holes on the back nine, Alexander and Doyle were even after 14 holes. Doyle made par on No. 16 and No. 17, which gave her a one-stroke lead heading into the final hole. Alexander saved her best shots for No. 18 as she stuck her approach shot 15 feet from the hole. She made par on No. 18, which was just enough to put her in first place at the Bridgestone Series at Longaberger.

“It feels really good to win,” Alexander said. “It is definitely going to be a big confidence booster heading into my future tournaments.”

The IJGT will be heading to Orlando, Fla. next weekend to host its annual Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions at Grand Cypress Golf Club May 25-27. For more information on the Tournament of Champions or any other IJGT event visit or call (843) 785-2444.


About the IJGT

The IJGT provides exceptional junior golfers with the opportunity to develop and showcase their competitive skills while setting high standards to preserve the traditions and integrity of the game. As a tour that operates primarily throughout the academic year, the IJGT hosts approximately 60 tournaments annually. In addition, the IJGT hosts three international events. Each event provides multi-day competition for junior golfers of all skill levels ages 9-19. Players representing 45 states and 43 countries around the world regularly compete in events at venues such as TPC Sawgrass, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Kiawah Island Resort, and Harbour Town Golf Links. Official partners of the IJGT include Bridgestone Golf, Quagmire Golf, KENTWOOL, CHAMP Spikes, Clazic Belts, AB Golf Designs, The First Tee, Sundog Eyewear morodZ, PURE Grips, and International Junior Golf Academy.

To obtain more information about the IJGT, please visit or call (800) 792-9143.


NASHPORT, Ohio – Final round results of the IJGT Bridgestone Series at Longaberger conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour completed May 19, 2013. Boys 15-19 Division: Gold Tees – 6866 yards, Par 72 (73.0/137) Boys 14 & Under Division: Blue Tees – 6367 yards, Par 72 (70.8/131) Girls Division: White Tees – 6071 yards, Par 72 (74.5/128).

Weather: Saturday: Sunny with temperatures in the low 70’s with 5-10 mph winds

Sunday: Sunny with temperatures in the low 70’s with 5-10 mph winds


International Junior Golf Tour
The Bridgestone Series at Longaberger
Nashport, Ohio
May 18-19, 2013
Boys 15-19 Division-(Gold Tees) 6,866 Yards, Par 72
1. Cory Hoshor, Buffalo, WV *76-82–158
2. Jack Ford, Springboro, OH *79-80–159
3. Eddie Zhang, Murrysville, PA *82-81–163
4.Patrick Sheerer, Pittsburgh, PA *86-79–165
4. Kellen Bohn, Bettendorf, IA *83-82–165
6. Aaron Liebenthal, Sylvania, OH *83-85–168
7. Ben Mullins, Valencia, PA *85-91–176
8. Bobby Hapanowicz, Presto, PA *90-87–177
9. Frank Pantano, Gibsonia, PA *90-89–179
9. Collin Davis, Pittsburgh, PA *89-90–179
11. Dominick Mancinelli, Moosic, PA *87-93–180
Skyler Roederer, Cambridge, OH *92-DQ (Rule 6-3a)
Nick Lowry, Mars, PA *DQ (Rule 6-6b)
Boys 14 & Under Division-(Blue Tees) 6,387 Yards, Par 72
1. C.J. Hughes, Indiana, PA *76-700–146
2. Jake Sollon, Venetia, PA *81-74–155
3. Angelo Mancinelli, Moosic, PA *87-87–174
4. Matthew Bonadies, New Albany, OH *88-88–176
5. Paul Mastros, Wintersville, OH *95-97–192
6. Alexander Giatras, Charleston, WV *102-111–213
Girls Division-(White Tees) 6,071 Yards, Par 72
1. Gillian Alexander, Rices Landing, PA *83-82–165
2. Emily Doyle, Horseheads, NY *84-83–167
3. Audrey Clawson, Sarver, PA *85-93–178
4. Anna Schatschneider, Avon, OH *111-99–210
5. Erica Mawhorr, Zanesville, OH *119-103–222
Jaclyn Fanola, Monroe, MI *DQ (Rule 6-3a)