109 Players at the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions


 Orlando, Fla..– The International Junior Golf Tour ended their 2015-2016 season in Orlando, Fla. with the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions. This weekend the tour also celebrated the All IJGT Team, top ten players in each division, at The Groove at Universal City Walk. The IJGT had 24 countries and 18 states represent this weekend at Grand Cypress Resort. The three-day tournament had sunny skies and humid temperatures. Each player competed for AJGA Stars, and National Rankings.



In the Boys 15-19 Division, the Tournament of Champions had 7 boys under-par for tournament. Louis-Francois Charpentier, from Winter Garden, Fla., took the championship by one stroke. Charpentier had 12 birdies over the past three days, and carded a total of 208, (69, 66, 73). There was a tie for second place between Ryoto Furuya and Carlos Marrero. Marrero and Furuya shot a total of 209, one stroke behind the champion. Furuya, from Alpharetta, G.A., carded 67, 69, 73, for the three days with 15 birdies and an eagle. Marrero carded 70, 69, 70, with 11 birdies and also an eagle.


“It feels awesome to win my last junior tournament. I chose the IJGT as my last tournament because of the top venues and strong fields. The tournament this weekend was very well ran and the course was in great shape. I’m not surprised on how I played, I stayed patient and was pleased with the outcome. This summer I will be getting ready to play college golf at Rollins College and qualifying for the RBC Candian Open,” commented Charpentier.


The Boys 14 and Under Division had 12 players compete this weekend. Kaito Kitazoe, of Nara, Japan, shot even for tournament; a total of 216. He carded 73, 68, 75, with 10 birdies and an eagle. Behind Kitazoe was Grant Gobezie. Gobezie, from Hunting Valley, O.H., who shot a total of 221; 73, 77, 71. Coming in third was Alec Nachmann who shot a total of 224.


“I played really well, I played as best as I could this weekend. I liked how my 8 iron was working, I hit it far and it goes really high. The course was amazing, simply beautiful. The fairways were well manicured and the greens were challenging. I loved everything about this course,” said Kitazoe.



In the Girls Division, 29 girls competed for the Championship. Kayla Kozak, of Bluffton, S.C., kept the first place title for all three days, and she was also the IJGT Player of the Year. Kozak carded a total of 214 with 7 birdies and 3 eagles. Over the three days Kozak kept her scores under par by shooting 71, 72, 71. Behind Kozak was Ximena Gonzalez of Queretaro, Mexico. Gonzalez shot 72, 73, 75, a total of 220 Yukie Sasaki of Hiroshima, Japan, battled back to take the third place title this weekend. Sasaki carded a total of 221 with 13 birdies.


“I stayed with my process this weekend, I focused on not getting ahead of myself. The three-day tournament was very tiring, I was feeling really dehydrated. I made sure I drank a lot of water and got to bed early. The three day tournament was great preparation for college golf. This summer I’m going to focus on my process. I will take it one shot at a time and keep playing tournaments, I just will stay driven,” Kozak said.



Each tournament the IJGT recognizes the low final round, presented by Clazic Belts. For the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions two players received the award.

Kayla Kozak: 71

Ryan Daughtery: 69


Final Results of the Bridgestone Golf Tournament of Champions at Grand Cypress were conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour on May 28-30.

Boys 15-19 Division: Black Tees- 6,698 par 72 (71.2/119). Boys 14 &Under Division: Blue Tees-6,205 (69.4/115). Girls Division: White Tees-5,880 (72.3/120).


Boys 15-19 Division

1. Louis-Francois Charpentier, Winter Garden, FL *69-66-73–208

2. Ryoto Furuya, Alpharetta, GA, *67-69-73–209

2. Carlos Marrero, Valencia, Venezuela, *70-69-70–209

4. Taisuke Ono, Tokyo, Japan *71-70-70–211

5. Sampson Zheng, Kissimmee, FL *70-72-70-212

6. Ian Peng, Chang Hua, Taiwan *71-72-71–214

7. HaoHua Zhang, Howey in the Hills, FL *75-70-70–215

8. Saptak Talwar, New Delhi, India *73-73-70–216

9. Kosuke Suzuki, Noda *72-70-75–217

9. Tennoshin Ogawa, Ichinomiya-shi, Japan *70-72-75–217

11. Luis Pons, Leon, Mexico *72-73-73–218

11. Connor Creasy, Abingdon, VA *76-70-72–218

11. Lino Galdin, Nesmy, France *78-70-70–218

14. Aniruddh Kedlaya, Bangalore, India *73-68-78–219

14. Lukas Clark, Holland, PA *74-71-74–219

14. Arjun Puri, New Delhi, India *76-70-73–219

17. Mashengjun Li, Shanghai, China *75-71-74–220

17. Blaise Vanitvelt, Flint, MI *72-74-74–220

19. Colin Caporal, Gainesville, VA *75-72-74–221

20. Dong Jin Park, Seoul, South Korea *75-77-70–222

20. Luigi Wong, Baguio City, Philippines *74-78-70–222

20. Gray Johnston, Saint Simons Island, GA *73-79-70–222

20. Tianyu Wu, Beijing, China *73-74-75–222

24. Colton Tanner, Park City, UT *75-72-76–223

25. Tristan Galant, Cape Town, South Africa *75-72-77–224

25. David Fu, Zhengzhou, China *75-72-77–224

27. Richard Riva III, Lancaster, PA *76-75-74–225

28. Won Jun Choi, Seoul, South Korea *79-68-79–226

28. Conor Byrne, Dublin, Ireland *76-74-76–226

30. Samuel Cudjoe, Bethel, Trinidad and Tobago *75-80-72–227

30. Brett Inserra, Upper Saddle River, NJ *77-77-73–227

32. Ryan Dougherty, Wexford, PA *82-77-69–228

32. Guodong Ji, Quing Dao, China *80-75-73–228

32. Jose Haces, Puebla, Mexico *75-78-75–228

32. Chun Yan Leong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *78-72-78–228

36. Gordan Brixi, Potomac, MD *80-75-74–229

36. Alejandro Guillen, Mexico City, Mexico *76-76-77–229

38. Feng Chen, Beijing, China *81-73-77–231

39. Jack O’Donovan, Pittsford, NY *76-79-77–232

39. Antonio Miguel, Puebla, Mexico *73-79-80–232

41. Jake Raichle, Bethlehem, NH *75-79-79–233

42. Chase Goff, Annapolis, MD *79-74-81–234

43. Marc Groenhuysen, West Chester, PA *82-79-74–235

44. Punya Khanna, Dubai, United Arab Emirates *82-77-77–236

44. Marc Sabria, Barcelona, Spain *82-75-79–236

44. Demetrius Johnson, Anchorage, AK *79-79-78–236

47. Luke Fayocavitz, Clarks Summit, PA *82-77-79–238

48. Philip Chen, Taiwan, Taipei *80-78-81–239

49. Daniel Song, Beijing, China *81-79-80–240

50. Trent Hope, Savannah, GA *79-83-79–241

50. Kevin Ying, Dallas, TX *78-84-79–241

52. Thomas Pfoestl, Schenna, Italy *88-80-74–242

52. Ryan Pongrac, Freehold, NJ *84-79-79–242

52. Max Castaneda, Mexico City, Mexico *85-75-82–242

52. Connor Downey, Franklin, TN *83-77-82–242

56. Connor McArdle, Oviedo, FL*90-78-77–245

57. Konosuke Takahashi, Tokyo, Japan *75-92-81-248

57. Jaydon Pang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *83-83-82–248

57. Xiaofeng Hu, Qiang Dao, China *81-88-79–248

60. Will Klein, Bethesda, MD *84-83-83–250

61. Kotaro Nishimura, Tokyo, Japan *84-85-84–253

62. William Riva, Lancaster, PA *85-81-88–254

63. Adam Shilling, North Palm Beach, FL *85-87-83–255

64. Holden Neeves, Bradenton, FL *85-84-87–256

65. Greg Shen, Vancouver, Canada *92-82-86–260

66. Estevan Valdes, Wellington, FL *87-91-85–263

67. Rekgabile Nyhonyha, Johannesberg, South Africa *89-87-88–264

68. John McCallum, Saint Simons Island, GA *90-87-89–266


Girls Division


1. Kayla Kozak, Bluffton, SC *71-72-71–214

2. Ximena Gonzalez, Queretaro, Mexico *72-73-75–220

3. Yukie Sasaki, Hiroshima, Japan *73-76-72–221

4. Ankita Kedlaya, Bangalore, India *72-79-73–224

5. Claire Albrecht, Ormond Beach, FL *75-72-79–226

6. Wint Phoo Aung, Yangon, Myanmar *74-76-77–227

6. Siyan Chen, Hanzhou City, China *76-74-77–227

8. Jasmine Chee, Hong Kong, China *77-76-75–228

8. Tracy Lee, Seoul, South Korea *74-76-78–228

10. Melany Chong, Mississauga, Canada *79-79-73–231

11. Rou Yin, Zhejiang, China *77-74-81–232

12. Tiana Cruz, Kingston, Jamaica *76-77-80–233

12. Ananya Datar, Bluffton, SC *77-82-74–233

14. Renata Fierro, Yucatan, Mexico *79-76-80–235

15. Greer Valaquenta, Bradenton, FL *77-74-85–236

16. Suthisa Uenghiranpaisan, Bangkok, Thailand *78-76-84–238

17. Sarah Perine, Staten Island, NY *83-81-76–240

18. Julia Kashimura, Orlando, FL *85-77-81–243

18. Sophia Burnett, Bluffton, SC *82-84-77-243

20. Ananya Barthakur, Bluffton, SC *84-81-80-245 +29

21. Meredith Langs, Hilton Head Island, SC *83-85-81–249

22. Katya King, Celebration, FL *81-90-79–250

23. Angela Rivera, El Conchal, Alvarado *83-85-83–251

24. Haley Danford, Longwood, FL *83-86-91–260

25. Alle Galla, Palm Beach Gardens, FL *90-87-94–271

26. Camila Burnett, Bluffton, SC *94-94-85–273

27. Yiqing Gong, Upper Saddle River, NJ *88-94-92–274

28. Ava Marano, Jupiter, FL *96-90-91–277

29. Izzy Galla, Palm Beach Gardens, FL *103-91-87–281


Boys 14 and Under Division


1. Kaito Kitazoe, Nara, Japan *73-68-75–216

2. Grant Gobezie, Hunting Valley, OH *73-77-71–221

3. Alec Nachmann, Boca Raton, FL *75-71-78–224

4. Collier Curd, Bowling Green, KY *74-77-74–225

5. Mikee Ordona, Upland, CA *74-75-77–226

6. Alex Gu, Darien, CT *78-77-75–230

7. Johnny Wright, Orlando, FL *82-71-79–232

8. AJ Jaiswal, Wesley Chapel, FL *82-79-78–239

9. Luke Sample, New York, NY *85-79-76–240

10. Will Whittaker, Palm Beach Gardens *79-77-85–241

11. Chase Phillips, Hilton Head Island, SC *83-81-78–242

12. Amal Jha, Noida, India *92-87-84–263


Hisaki shoots an impressive 6-under par, Ryo Harada claims Boys 15-19 Division Championship


Winter Garden, Fla.– The International Junior Golf Tour traveled down to central Florida to host the Orlando Open at Orange County National. Fifty four participants competed for AJGA Stars, National Rankings and IJGT Merit Points. The top five players in each division earned preferred entry into any IJGT Major Championship and the Champions of each division earned an invitation to the 2016 IJGT Tournament of Champions.

In the Girls Division, Marisa Hisaki kept her lead from round one to take the Girls Division Championship. Hisaki, from Osaka, Japan, shot an impress total of 6- under par (138). Over the two days, Hisaki carded 9 birdies. For second place there was a tie between Ximena Gonzalex and Emily Felix. Both girls shot a total of 6-over par (150). Gonzalez, of Queretaro, Mexico had a steady tournament shooting 75 both days. Felix, of Lake Mary, Fla., came back from round one and shot two strokes better in the final round, 76, 74.


“My Best clubs were anything around the green. I was able to save par a lot of times from that area. I played well. I was able to save myself a bunch this weekend, which helped me score well,” said Hisaki.

In the Boys 14 and Under Division, there was one competitor this weekend. Joro Estepa traveled from his home country of the Philippines to play this weekend. Joro carded a total of 227.


“If I had to rate the course, I would give Orange County National 5 stars. My driver helped me get great lies for my second shot,” remarked Estepa.


In the Boys 15-19 Division, 39 players competed for the title. Ryo Harada, of Tokyo, Japan, battled back from round one to shoot a stellar 68 in round two. Round two aided Harada to take the championship to card a total of 4-under par (140). Taking second place was Ian Peng of Chang Hau, Taiwan. Peng shot a total of 3-under par (141). There was a tie for third place between Don Jin Park and Tristan Galant. Both boys shot 2-under par (142).


“I wasn’t thinking about winning, I just wanted to control the things I could. I was happy with how I played, but there are things I can always improve on. My best clubs were my short to middle irons,” said Harada.





Each tournament the IJGT recognizes the low final round, presented by Clazic Belts. For the Orlando Open 3 belts were given to the following players:
Marissa Hisaki- 68
Ryo Harada- 68
HaoHua Zhang- 68

The IJGT will continue the Spring 2016 at the Long Island Championship at Eisenhower. They will compete for IJGT Merit Points, AJGA Performance Stars, and National Rankings. To sign up for this event, or others, visit or call (844) 779-3374.

Final Results of the Orlando Open at Orange County National conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour on May 14-15, 2016.
Boys 15-19 Division: Black Tees-6,836 yards par 72 (73.3/131). Boys 14 &Under Division: Blue Tees-6,033 (68.9/122). Girls Division: White Tees-5,740 (72.9/130).
Saturday mid 80’s and sunny. 10 mph winds
Sunday mid 80’s and sunny. 10 mph winds


International Junior Golf Tour

Orlando Open at Orange County

Orlando, F.l.

May 14-15, 2016


Boys 15-19 Division – Black Tees, 6,836 yards, Par 72

1. Ryo Harada, Tokyo, Japan *72-68–140
2. Ian Peng, Chang Hua, Taiwan *71-70–141
3. Dong Jin Park, Seoul, South Korea *70-72–142
3. Tristan Galant, Cape Town, South Africa *70-72–142
5. HaoHua Zhang, Howey in the Hills, FL *75-68–143
6. James Meyers, Wexford, PA *75-69–144
6. Won Jun Choi, Seoul, South Korea *73-71–144
8. Luis Pons, Leon, Mexico *74-71–145
9. Jose Haces, Puebla, Mexico *76-70–146
9. Tieliang Yang, Windermere, FL *75-71–146
11. Conor Byrne, Dublin, Ireland *76-71–147
11. Takahiro Nojima, Shibuya-Ku, Japan *69-78–147
13. Jasper Lee, Howey-in-the-Hills, FL *74-74–148
14. Kyung-Hwan Chung, Managua, Nicaragua *76-73–149
14. Kevin Aung, Taiwan *76-73–149
16. Taisuke Ono, Tokyo, Japan *73-77–150
17. Thomas Pfoestl, Schenna, Italy, *75-76–151
18. Luigi Wong, Baguio City, Philippines *76-76–152
19. Marc Sabria, Barcelona, Spain *78-75–153
19. Atrem Yalovenko, Moscow, Russia *76-77–153
21. Juan Felix, Culiacan, Mexico *78-76–154
21. David Fu, Zhengzhou, China, *76-78–154
23. Yuichi Muaro, Tokyo, Japan *83-72–155
24. Greg Shen, Vancouver, Canada *81-75–156
24. Mashengjun Li, Shanghai, China, *79-77–156
24. Drew Twillman, New Market, MD *75-81–156
24. Chun Yan Leong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *75-81–156
28. Daniel Song, Howey-in-the-Hills, FL *78-79–157
29. Zaffar Sikkander, Nawala, Sri Lanka *80-78–158
30. Philip Chen, Taiwan, Taipei *78-81–159
31. Punya Khanna, Dubai, United Arab Emirates *80-80–160
31. Antonio Miguel, Puebla, Mexico *83-77–160
33. Christian Tupamahu, Manado, Indonesia *82-80–162
34. Trent Hope, Savannah, GA *90-77–167
35. Demetrius Johnson, Anchorage, AK *88-80–168
36. Max Castaneda, Mexico City, Mexico *88-88–176
36. Mao Hirota, Nagoya, Japan *86-90–176
38. Anirudh Mysore, Port Saint Lucie, FL *84-96–180
39. Rekgabile Nyhonyha, Johannesberg, South Africa *94-96–190

WD. Jason Hijazi, San Antonio, TX *87-WD


Boys 14 & Under Division – Black Tees, 6,033 yards, Par 72

1. Joro Estepa, Quezon City *117-110–227

Girls Division – Black Tees, 5,740 yards, Par 72

1. Marisa Hisaki, Osaka, Japan *70-68–138
2. Ximena Gonzalez, Queretaro, Mexico *75-75–150
2. Emily Felix, Lake Mary, FL *76-74–150
4. Claire Albrecht, Ormond Beach, FL *77-76–153
5. Claire Jeon, Yong-In, South Korea *77-79–156
6. Holly Davenport, Palm City, FL *84-73–157
7. Haruka Shintani, Setagaya, Japan *78-80–158
8. Yuna Sato, Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan *85-76–161

9. Emily Ma, Taipei, Taiwan *84-85–169
10. Jessica Meyers, Wexford, PA *87-84–171
11. Stephanie Orrell, Ontario, Canada *89-88–177

WD. Yeji Ahn, Changwon-City, South Korea *78-WD



IJGT alumna, Erynne Lee, wins Symetra Tour's IOA Championship

IJGT alumna, Erynne Lee of Silverdale, Wash., won the Symetra Tour’s IOA Championship Presented by Morongo Casino Resort & Spa with a tournament total of 11-under, 205. This was the opening tournament of the 2016 Symetra Tour season and was Lee’s debut performance on the Symetra Tour.

Erynne Lee wins the Symetra Tour's IOA Championship (photo credit - Symetra Tour)

Erynne Lee wins the Symetra Tour’s IOA Championship (photo credit – Symetra Tour)

Lee was trailing by four strokes heading into the final round, but she had all cylinders firing en route to a 7-under, 65 in the final round. Her round included six birdies and one eagle, and Lee needed everyone of them to outlast Jessica Wallace of Langley, British Columbia, for the title.

“I worked really hard during the winter time and hard work is paying off,” commented Lee.

With victory Lee guarantees herself full status on the Symetra Tour for the rest of the 2016 season. She also sits in the top position on the Volvik Race to the Card Standings. At the conclusion of the 2016 season, the top 10 players will earn their 2017 LPGA cards.

Erynee Lee (photo credit - Symetra Tour)

Erynee Lee (photo credit – Symetra Tour)

As a junior on the IJGT, Lee finished in second place at the 2005 IJGT at Sandpiper.

IJGT alumnus, Hossler earns No. 1 Golfweek Ranking

IJGT alumnus, Beau Hossler of Mission Viejo, Calif., has moved to the top position in the Golfweek Collegiate Rankings after winning the prestigious Jones Cup Invitational at Ocean Forest Golf Club. Hossler has been on a tear lately, winning three of his last five events. The University of Texas junior also won the Nike Golf Collegiate Invitational in October of 2015 and the Arizona Intercollegiate in January 2016.

At the Jones Cup Invitational, which is considered one of the best amateur tournaments in the country, Hossler recorded a six-stroke victory in extremely tough conditions.  He was the only player to finish the 54-hole tournament under par.

Beau Hossler wins Jones Cup Invitational (photo credit: Golfweek)

Beau Hossler wins Jones Cup Invitational (photo credit: Golfweek)


Recently, Hossler competed in the Northern Trust Open Collegiate Showcase. This was a one-of-a-kind event where 14 universities were represented by one professional alumni, one current player, and two amateurs. The current collegiate players were competing for a spot in the PGA Tour’s Northern Trust Open. Hossler came up short after shooting 72, but the University of Texas won the team competition.

To read more about Hossler’s great start, click here for Golfweek’s article.

IJGT Alumni, Fowler and Werenski record runner-up finishes on the PGA Tour

This past weekend saw some great finishes on the PGA Tour and Tour. IJGT alumni, Rickie Fowler of Murrieta, Calif., and Richy Werenski of South Hadley, Mass., recorded runner-up finishes in their respective tournaments.

Rickie Fowler (left) and Richy Werenski (right) finished runner-up on the PGA Tour this past weekend

Rickie Fowler (left) and Richy Werenski (right) finished runner-up on the PGA Tour this past weekend

At the Waste Management Phoenix Open at the famed TPC Scottsdale, Fowler earned his way into a playoff with Hideki Matsuyama after making a nine-foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole of the tournament. Fowler has proven himself to be calm, cool, and collected time and time again on the PGA Tour. The playoff went back and forth between Fowler and Matsuyama. Both made par on the first playoff hole. Then they matched birdies on the second playoff hole. The third playoff hole was halved with pars. On the fourth playoff hole, Matsuyama was able to make par and earn the victory.

Fowler put forth great effort and in a post-round press conference showcased to the world what a great role model he is for junior golfers on the IJGT.

Fellow IJGT alumni, Webb Simpson (T-14), Matt Every (T-24), Zac Blair (T-33), Michael Kim (T-45) also recorded top 50 finishes in the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

On the Tour at the Club Colombia Championship presented by Claro, Werenski fired a final-round 3-under, 68 to finish in a tie for second place. He ended the tournament with a score of 11-under, 273. This was his best finish on the Tour in his career and Werenski currently sits fifth in the Money Standings. At the conclusion of the season, the Top 25 in the Money Standings earn their PGA Tour card for the 2016-2017 season.

Fellow IJGT alumnus, Andrew Putnam finished at 8-under, 276 and tied for seventh place.

IJGT Alumni shine in Hawaii on the PGA Tour

It was a great weekend for IJGT alumni on the PGA Tour. Five IJGT alumni finished in the top 13 at the PGA Tour’s Sony Open on January 14-17, 2016. Leading the pack was Zac Blair of Salt Lake City, Utah, who recorded a third-place finish with a tournament total of 19-under, 261. Blair, who is only in his second full season on the PGA Tour, nearly won the event, but was not able to make his eagle putt on the closing hole to join a playoff with Brandt Snedeker and eventual champion, Fabian Gomez. It was a valiant effort, and helped him record his best finish ever on the PGA Tour.

Zac Blair at the Sony Open (photo credit GolfDigest)

Zac Blair at the Sony Open (photo credit GolfDigest)


Finishing in a tie for seventh place was IJGT alumnus, Jamie Lovemark of Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., with a tournament score of 14-under, 266. This was Lovemark’s second top 10 on the PGA Tour in the 2015-2016 season, with the other coming at The RSM Classic at Sea Island Resort.

Webb Simpson of Raleigh, N.C., Morgan Hoffmann of Franklin Lakes, N.J., and Daniel Summerhays of Farmington, Utah, all finished in a tie for 13th place ending the tournament at 12-under-par. Q-School

The Tour hosted Q-School this past weekend, December 10-13. The tournament was held at PGA National on the Champion Course and Fazio Course in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Roughly 1,000 entries for the tournament competed for 50 Tour cards. The International Junior Golf Tour had 3 alumni earn their 2016 Tour card.

 Dominic Bozzelli shot 12 under for the tournament, to finish in 4th place. Dominic is originally from Pittsford, NY. After finishing an impressive junior career, he continued on to play college golf for Auburn University. While at Auburn, he became the first Tiger golfer in history to win back to back tournaments at the 2011 US Collegiate and the Gator Invitational.

Dominic Bozzelli

Dominic Bozzelli

Roberto Diaz finished T21 after shooting 4 under for the tournament. Roberto Diaz has been playing professional golf since 2009, after finishing his career at the University of South Carolina Aiken. Aiken has played in 23 PGA Latino American events where he has 5 top 25 finishes.

Roberto Diaz

Roberto Diaz

Richard Werenski is a graduate of the International Junior Golf Academy. After finishing at the IJGA, Werenski went on to continue his golf career at Georgia Tech. During his senior year at Georgia Tech, Werenski had two top-5 finishes. Werenski also tied the second lowest round in Georgia Tech history when he shot a 62 (ten under) at the Puerto Rico Classic.

Richard Werenski

Richard Werenski

Congratulations to our IJGT Alumni on earning their tour cards and best of luck to them!

IJGT Alumni shine on PGA and LPGA Tour

It was a very strong week for IJGT Alumni on the major professional tours. The PGA Tour stop this week was at Sea Island Resort in Sea Island, Ga., for The RSM Classic. The top ten saw four IJGT Alumni finishers with the highest finishing in second place. Kevin Chappell finished in second place (-16), Jon Curran finished in fourth (-13), Scott Stallings finished T9 (-10), and Jamie Lovemark finished T9 (-10). For Kevin Chappell, this was his fourth event of the season and his first top 10 finish.

Kevin Chappell, PGA Tour

Kevin Chappell, PGA Tour

The LPGA Tour was in Naples, Fla., this past weekend for The CME Group Championship hosted at the Tiburon Golf Club. IJGT Alumni Sydnee Michaels finished T7 in the event. For Michaels this is her second top 20 finish in as many weeks. This was the final tournament for the LPGA Tour this calendar year. The ladies will return to action in 2016 at the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic.

Sydnee Michaels, LPGA Tour

Sydnee Michaels, LPGA Tour

Three professional IJGT Alumni place in Top 20

Mariajo Uribe finished T-6 at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational Presented by Banamex and JTBC. The tournament was held at Club de Golf Mexico, located in Mexico City, Mexico.

Mariajo Uribe, LPGA Tour

Mariajo Uribe, LPGA Tour

Mariajo has been playing on the LPGA Tour professionally since 2009. During that time she has put together a successful career on tour with nine top 10 finishes with her best finish prior to this past weekend being a T-7 finish at the 2010 LPGA Tour Championship.

Before turning pro, Mariajo Uribe played her collegiate golf at UCLA. In two years Mariajo played in 21 tournaments for the Bruins in which she won three tournaments and finished top 10 11 times.

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Sydnee Michaels finished T-16 at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational Prestented by Banamex and JTBC.

Sydnee Michaels, LPGA Tour

Sydnee Michaels, LPGA Tour

Before turning pro in 2012, Sydnee Michaels played college at UCLA. In her four years at UCLA she competed in 41 tournaments. In those 41 tournaments she had 13 top 10 finishes and had two victories.

Sydnee Michaels has been on the LPGA Tour since 2012. While she is yet to have a victory on the LPGA Tour, she has had a successful career, carding three top 10 finishes. Michaels best finish to date was at the 2015 Yokahama Tire LPGA Classic where she finished T-4.

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Zac Blair of Ogden, Utah, finished in a tie for 10th on the PGA Tour this past weekend. The OHL Classic at Mayakoba was held at El Camaleon Golf Club in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Zac Blair, PGA Tour

Zac Blair, PGA Tour

Blair was a four-year standout for the BYU Cougars. Throughout his four-year career he played in 49 tournaments. Out of those 49 tournaments Blair had 31 Top 20 finishes and had an average strokes per round of 71.44.

Blair turned pro after his college career ended in 2014. In his first full year on the PGA Tour, 2015, Blair played in 34 events. Out of those 34 events, he made 20 cuts, had eight top 25’s, and two top 10 finishes.

IJGT Alumni Shine at Western Refining College All-American

The International Junior Golf Tour had three alumni shine at the Western Refining College All-American which took place November 7-8, at El Paso Country Club.

Zach Jaworski, a current senior at Vanderbilt University, earned the victory after putting together a solid 3 day performance of 71-69-67 for a 6 under 207 total. Jaworski won the event by shooting the best final day score, 67, and holding off Vanderbilt teammate Matthias Schwab, who finished in a three way tie for second place.

Zach Jaworski, Vanderbilt

Zach Jaworski, Vanderbilt

Jaworski struggled in the middle of his round with bogeys on 7 and 8. He recovered strongly over the last ten holes, where he carded 4 birdies and 6 pars. This is what Jaworski told following his round, “Off the tee I wasn’t as solid as I would have liked, but around the greens I got the putter going and got hot. I made a lot of birdies coming in and a 32 on the back nine really did it.”

Two other IJGT Alumni had successful showing in the tournament. Zach Wright of LSU finished in three way tie for second and Beau Hossler finished tied for fifth. Hossler started the in 11th place but was able to card his eighth round under par for the season which helped move him into a tie for 5th.


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