IJGT Oldfield Junior – Final Results (April 12, 2015)

Jain dominates Boys 15-19 Division

Kedlaya stays under par in both rounds to win Girls Division

The International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) traveled to Okatie, S.C., to host the IJGT Oldfield Junior on April 11-12, 2015. Juniors competed for IJGT Merit Points, national rankings, AJGA stars and North American Junior Amateur exemptions during the two-day, 36-hole event.

Ritwik Jain of New Delhi, India, won the Boys 15-19 Division. He started the tournament hot, carding birdies on every other hole on the front nine beginning with the second hole. He finished round one with a division-best 3-under 72. This wasn’t the highlight of the tournament for Jain, though. After round two he said, “The highlight of the tournament was my first few holes today. I was 3-under through five so that was pretty cool.”

The sporadic rain showers weren’t an issue for Jain until the end of the second round. Said Jain, “I was just trying to par out because it started raining.”

Jain carded eight birdies during the tournament and made par on holes No. 10 through 15 in both rounds. Even though he birdied the par-5 fourth hole in both rounds, Jain’s favorite hole was the par-3 third because “I birdied it today [Sunday] to gain some momentum.”

Jason Stokes of St. Brelade, Jersey, also carded eight birdies during the tournament. His two-day total of 145 earned him second place. He shared the Clazic Belts Low Final Round Award with fourth place finisher Kanata Irei of Okinawa-shi, Japan. They both carded 1-under 71s to earn the award, which is presented to the male and female junior to card the lowest score in the final round of the event.

Masashi Yano of Aichi, Japan, finished third with a 146 tournament total.

Ankita Kedlaya of Bangalore, India, carded 1-under 71s in both rounds to win the Girls Division. Her 2-under 142 tournament total was six strokes ahead of the second-place finisher. Kedlaya carded four birdies during the tournament. She didn’t let having the lead after the first round impede her focus. “Every time you have a lead it puts a little pressure on you,” Kedlaya said after the tournament. “But I stayed focused on my game so that helped me concentrate.”

Samantha Huang of Shenzhen, China, finished second with a 148 tournament total. Sophie Guo of Bluffton, S.C., carded a 153 tournament total to finish third.

After finishing the first round tied for the lead, Aiden McCloskey of Northborough, Mass., ran away with the Boys 14 & Under Division in the second round. He carded a division-best 80 in the second round to finish with a 163 tournament total.

“Having the lead after the first round didn’t really affect me today,” McCloskey said after the tournament. “I just tried to not really think about my score and just play golf. But it’s always in the back of your mind.” The highlight of the tournament for McCloskey was his front nine in round two in which he made par or better on the first seven holes.

Chase Phillips of Hilton Head Island, S.C., finished second with a 168 tournament total. Xiaofeng Hu of Qiang Dao, China, and Mikus Ming of Smiths, Bermuda, tied for third with 172 tournament totals.

The IJGT Southeast Tour will continue tournament play with the IJGT Island Open at Palmetto Hall on April 25-16, 2015. To sign up for this event, or others, visit or call (843) 686-1500.

Okatie, SC – Final Results of the IJGT Oldfield Junior at Oldfield Club on April 11-12, 2015. Boys 15-19 Division: Black Tees – 6,812 yards Par 72 (73.9/137). Boys 14 & Under Division: White Tees – 6,059 yards, Par 72 (70.6/128). Girls Division: Green Tees – 5,729 yards, Par 72 (73.3/133).


International Junior Golf Tour

IJGT Oldfield Junior

Okatie, South Carolina

April 11-12, 2015


Boys 15-19 Division- Black Tees, 6,812 yards, Par 72

1. Ritwik Jain, New Delhi, India *69-72–141

2. Jason Stokes, St. Brelade, Jersey *74-71–145

3. Masashi Yano, Aichi, Japan *73-73–146

4. Kanata Irei, Okinawa-shi, Japan *77-71–148

4. Piyachad Yusabai, Pattaya, Thailand *75-73–148

4. Conor Byrne, Dublin, Ireland *71-77–148

7. Trey Wren, Suffolk, VA *77-73–150

7. Dong Jin Park, Seoul, South Korea *74-76–150

7. Nicholas Russell, Hilton Head Island, SC *73-77–150

7. Rowan Foxley, Arlington, WA *71-79–150

11. Frederic Ruess, Hamburg, Germany *75-76–151

12. Lee Hammerschmidt, Armonk, NY *77-75–152

13. Wataru Koguchi, Fukuoka, Japan *79-74–153

13. Colton Tanner, Westport, CT *78-75–153

13. Leo Hernandez, Stewartsville, NJ *76-77–153

13. Jack ODonovan, Pittsford, NY *75-78–153

13. Taylor Kay-Green, Needham, MA *75-78–153

18. Matt Cheng, Taipei, Taiwan *79-75–154

18. Cameron Clair, Bluffton, SC *77-77–154

20. Feng Chen, Baoding City *80-75–155

20. Kanoon Bunthanawong, Chonburi, Thailand *78-77–155

20. Brett Inserra, Upper Saddle River, NJ *76-79–155

23. Won Jun Choi, Seoul, South Korea *80-76–156

23. Bruce Kozel, Annapolis, MD *77-79–156

25. Hayden Rousselle, New Hope, PA *84-73–157

25. Jamie Lin, Taichung, Taiwan *77-80–157

25. Chandler McDowell, Springbrook, Canada *74-83–157

28. Santiago Diaz, Merida, Mexico *79-80–159

29. Christian Clemence Tupamahu, Manado, Indonesia *80-80–160

29. Jim Ji, Quing Dao, China *79-81–160

29. Aniruddh Kedlaya, Bangalore, India *77-83–160

32. Nelson Ou, Foshan *82-79–161

32. Kyle Ash, Reading, MA *80-81–161

32. Vince Brunet, Ottawa *80-81–161

35. Samuel Cudjoe, Bethel, Trinidad and Tobago *85-79–164

36. Shogo Taniguchi, Osaka, Japan *81-84–165

37. Armand Cadieux, New Hartford, NY *86-81–167

37. Jeremy McRorie, Portage la Prairie, MB *83-84–167

39. Trent Hope, Savannah, GA *85-83–168

40. Karan Arjun, Bangalore, India *86-83–169

40. Paul Gostner, Bolzano, Italy *86-83–169

40. Matias Nelson, Oklahoma City, OK *85-84–169

40. Mariano Leyva, San Juan, Puerto Rico *83-86–169

40. Keshav Sharma, New Delhi, India *83-86–169

40. Brock Erwin, Muldrow, OK *81-88–169

40. Liam Kent, Portage, MB *78-91–169

47. Norman Hong, Shenzhen, China *89-81–170

48. Trent Dickerson, Guyton, GA *88-83–171

48. Jack O’Hara, Loudonville, NY *88-83–171

50. Daiki Okada, Tokyo, Japan *86-86–172

51. Zhicheng Gu, Changshu, China *89-85–174

52. Prince Phuklabsawan, Chonburi, Thailand *90-87–177

52. Shunsuke Omura, Yokohama, Japan *88-89–177

54. Thomas Pfoestl, Schenna, Italy *85-94–179

55. Mao Hirota, Nagoya, Japan *99-87–186

56. Jose Chavez, Guatemala City, Guatemala *101-87–188

57. Konosuke Takahashi, Tokyo *98-95–193

58. Kotaro Nishimura, Tokyo, Japan *98-97–195

59. Yo Trirattanapipat, Chonburi, Thailand *102-95–197

60. Evgeny Smirnov, Moscow *120-110–230




DQ. Jack Friedman, Charleston, SC *

JWD. Alex Vegh, Gahanna, OH *82-39–121

JWD. Karan Bhasin, Mishref, Kuwait *90-0–90


Boys 14 & Under Division- White Tees, 6,059 yards, Par 72

1. Aiden McCloskey, Northborough, MA *83-80–163

2. Chase Phillips, Hilton Head Island, SC *83-85–168

3. Xiaofeng Hu, Qiang Dao, China *90-82–172

3. Mikus Ming, Smiths, Bermuda *88-84–172

5. Dimitris Vasilakos, Savannah, GA *97-96–193


Girls Division- Green Tees, 5,729 yards, Par 72

1. Ankita Kedlaya, Bangalore, India *71-71–142

2. Samantha Huang, Shenzhen, China *74-74–148

3. Sophie Guo, Bluffton, SC *75-78–153

4. Anna Eddy, Hilton Head Island, SC *80-76–156

5. Rei Nakatani, Tokyo, Japan *79-78–157

6. Meredith Langs, Hilton Head Island, SC *83-75–158

7. Chloe Kim, Pasadena, CA *81-78–159

7. Kayla Kozak, Bluffton, SC *80-79–159

9. Cristina Liebana Lafita, Madrid, Spain *81-80–161

10. Sophia Burnett, Bluffton, SC *84-78–162

11. Lita Huber, Montevideo, Uruguay *82-81–163

12. Yuki Nakayama, Kawasakishi, Japan *81-83–164

12. Melany Chong, Mississauga, Canada *79-85–164

14. Yeji Ahn, Changwon-City, South Korea *83-82–165

15. Siyan Chen, Hanzhou City *83-87–170

16. Yuna Sato, Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan *85-86–171

17. Haruka Shintani, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan *92-84–176

17. Ammy Uenghiranpaisan, Bangkok, Thailand *89-87–176

19. Rhea Bhagia, Charlotte, NC *90-96–186

20. Martina Gerbelova, Bratislava, Slovakia *98-90–188

21. Stephanie Orrell, Ontario, Canada *92-99–191

22. Camila Burnett, Bluffton, SC *104-97–201


IJGT Oldfield Junior – Tour Preview

The IJGT will travel to Okatie, S.C., on April 11-12, 2015, to host the IJGT Oldfield Junior at Oldfield Country Club.

oldfield-2Situated along the banks of the Okatie River, the golf course at Oldfield plays through canopies of moss-draped live oaks, broad savannahs and soaring pines. It was the first Greg Norman design in South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

Wildlife enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this course, which is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. Be on the lookout for red foxes who live near the fourteenth hole. If you happen to play hole No. 16 at low tide, take a moment to look at the tide pools as they often contain a variety of coastal life including blue crabs, minnows, mullet, striped bass and flounder.

Yeji Ahn of Changwon-City, South Korea, and Melany Chong of Mississauga, Canada, will look to improve on their 10th and 12th place finishes, respectively, in the Girls Division of last year’s Oldfield Junior.

Christian Tupamahu of Manado, Indonesia, finished fourth in the Boys 14 & Under Division of last year’s Oldfield Junior and will aim to repeat his success in the Boys 15-19 Division this year. Ritwik Jain of New Delhi, India, will look to improve on his fourth place finish in last year’s Oldfield Junior.

Nicholas Russell of Hilton Head Island, S.C., has already experienced some success at Oldfield. He won the Boys 14 & Under Division of the Lowcountry Junior at Oldfield two years ago and tied for fourth in the Boys 15-19 Division of the same event earlier this season.

Also keep an eye out for Jason Stokes of St. Brelade, Jersey, and Trey Wren of Suffolk, Va., who are both looking for their second IJGT victories of the season.

Be sure to follow the IJGT on Twitter (@IJGT) for updates throughout the tournament! You can check the leaderboard here on the IJGT website or by downloading the IJGT app on your phone or tablet.