Inaugural Juniors FORE Warriors Charity Invitational.

International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) Presents

Juniors FORE Warriors Invitational


Parris Island, SC – The International Junior Golf Tour took a step out of their comfort zone this weekend. Juniors FORE Warriors was the Inaugural Invitational that benefited two Non-profit Organizations; Hope for the Warriors and Junior Champions Foundation. The weekend started off with a private tour of the Parris Island Marine Base on Friday September, 23. The tournament was played Saturday and Sunday with hot and sunny conditions.

The Boys 15-19 Division Champion winner, Jeremy Sisson, took the title for the second weekend in a row with the IJGT. Sisson won the Island Invitational at Dolphin Head CC, he kept his momentum up by shooting a total of three-under for the two days. Sisson, from Skaneatles, N.Y., had the low final round of 69. Samuel Cudjoe, from Trinidad and Tobago, had an impressive second round of two-under par. Cudjoe, who was tied with three people after round one, had five birdies to move up in the pack. Rounding our third was Leo Hernandez, shooting three-over par, with a total of 147.


“Winning twice in a row feels really good. It doesn’t happen often, so I’m pretty happy. This place, Parris Island, is special. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The wildlife and the course is special, and it being on a Marine base makes it truly unique,” remarked Sisson.

AJ Gilpin, of Norwell, M.A., was the Boys 14 & Under Division Champ for the Juniors FORE Warriors Invitational. Gilpin kept his lead after day one, shooting 76, 76. Coming up five strokes behind Gilpin was Matthew Pilgrim. Pilgrim, from West Vancouver, shot three stokes better in his second round. He carded 80, 77, for a total of 157. In third place of the Boys 14 & Under Division was Bryan Kim, signing for a total of 161.


“I played great, I hit a lot of greens and fairways this weekend. This was my first time playing at Parris Island. I loved the course and these are the fastest tournament greens I have ever played on,” said Gilpin.

The Girls Division Champion carded a 156, and was awarded to Vivian Yen of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Keeping her first place secured from round one, she fought through the heat and ended up with a round two score of 81. Maria Aslanis, of Hinckley, O.H., came in second with a total of 184.


“I played well, even though my putting was not the greatest. The course was incredible, the greens were fast and in fantastic shape. My best club in my bag this weekend was my 8 iron. I always practice with it and it payed off,” Yen explained

The IJGT will continue the Fall 2016 Season in Orlando, Fla., at Orange County National. The Orange County National Junior will be October 1-2, 20016. Players will compete for IJGT Merit Points, AJGA Performance Stars, and National Rankings. To sign up for this event, or others, visit or call (844) 779-3374.


Final Results of the Juniors FORE Warriors Invitational at Parris Island conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour on September 24-25,2016.

Boys 15-19 Division: 6,588 Yards, 71.5/126. Boys 14 & Under Division: 6,092 Yards, 69.3/128. Girls Division: 5,825 Yards, 73.3/128.

International Junior Golf Tour

Juniors FORE Warriors Invitational

Parris Island, SC

September 24-25, 2016

 Boys 15-19 Division – Black Tees, 6,588 yards, Par 72


  1. Jeremy Sisson, Skaneatles, NY *72-69–141
  2. Samuel Cudjoe, Bethel, Trinidad and Tobago *75-70–145
  3. Leo Hernandez, Bluffton, SC *73-74–147
  4. Dan Byrne, Cork, Ireland *76-73–149
  5. Chase Phillips, Hilton Head Island, SC *75-76–151
  6. Luis Martinez, Caracus, Venezuela *75-76–151
  7. Alejandro Guillen, Mexico City, Mexico *77-77–154
  8. Nick Gioffre, Waxhaw, NC *76-83–159
  9. Jose Chavez, Guatemala City, Guatemala *85-79–164
  10. Tucker Etro, Eliot, ME *87-81–168
  11. Punya Khanna, Dubai, United Arab Emirates *85-85–170
  12. Jorge Castaneda Luna, DF, Mexico *82-93–175
  13. Ryan Touzeau, Center Valley, PA *98-85–183


Girls Division – White Tees, 5,825 yards, Par 72


  1. Vivian Yen, Kaohsiung, Taiwan *75-81–156
  2. Maria Aslanis, Hinckley, OH *92-92–184


Boys 14 & Under Division- Blue Tees, 6,092 yards, Par 72


  1. Aj Gilpin, Norwell, MA *76-76–152
  2. Matthew Pilgrim, West Vancouver, BC *80-77–157
  3. Bryan Kim, Evans, GA *81-80–161







Hisaki shoots an impressive 6-under par, Ryo Harada claims Boys 15-19 Division Championship


Winter Garden, Fla.– The International Junior Golf Tour traveled down to central Florida to host the Orlando Open at Orange County National. Fifty four participants competed for AJGA Stars, National Rankings and IJGT Merit Points. The top five players in each division earned preferred entry into any IJGT Major Championship and the Champions of each division earned an invitation to the 2016 IJGT Tournament of Champions.

In the Girls Division, Marisa Hisaki kept her lead from round one to take the Girls Division Championship. Hisaki, from Osaka, Japan, shot an impress total of 6- under par (138). Over the two days, Hisaki carded 9 birdies. For second place there was a tie between Ximena Gonzalex and Emily Felix. Both girls shot a total of 6-over par (150). Gonzalez, of Queretaro, Mexico had a steady tournament shooting 75 both days. Felix, of Lake Mary, Fla., came back from round one and shot two strokes better in the final round, 76, 74.


“My Best clubs were anything around the green. I was able to save par a lot of times from that area. I played well. I was able to save myself a bunch this weekend, which helped me score well,” said Hisaki.

In the Boys 14 and Under Division, there was one competitor this weekend. Joro Estepa traveled from his home country of the Philippines to play this weekend. Joro carded a total of 227.


“If I had to rate the course, I would give Orange County National 5 stars. My driver helped me get great lies for my second shot,” remarked Estepa.


In the Boys 15-19 Division, 39 players competed for the title. Ryo Harada, of Tokyo, Japan, battled back from round one to shoot a stellar 68 in round two. Round two aided Harada to take the championship to card a total of 4-under par (140). Taking second place was Ian Peng of Chang Hau, Taiwan. Peng shot a total of 3-under par (141). There was a tie for third place between Don Jin Park and Tristan Galant. Both boys shot 2-under par (142).


“I wasn’t thinking about winning, I just wanted to control the things I could. I was happy with how I played, but there are things I can always improve on. My best clubs were my short to middle irons,” said Harada.





Each tournament the IJGT recognizes the low final round, presented by Clazic Belts. For the Orlando Open 3 belts were given to the following players:
Marissa Hisaki- 68
Ryo Harada- 68
HaoHua Zhang- 68

The IJGT will continue the Spring 2016 at the Long Island Championship at Eisenhower. They will compete for IJGT Merit Points, AJGA Performance Stars, and National Rankings. To sign up for this event, or others, visit or call (844) 779-3374.

Final Results of the Orlando Open at Orange County National conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour on May 14-15, 2016.
Boys 15-19 Division: Black Tees-6,836 yards par 72 (73.3/131). Boys 14 &Under Division: Blue Tees-6,033 (68.9/122). Girls Division: White Tees-5,740 (72.9/130).
Saturday mid 80’s and sunny. 10 mph winds
Sunday mid 80’s and sunny. 10 mph winds


International Junior Golf Tour

Orlando Open at Orange County

Orlando, F.l.

May 14-15, 2016


Boys 15-19 Division – Black Tees, 6,836 yards, Par 72

1. Ryo Harada, Tokyo, Japan *72-68–140
2. Ian Peng, Chang Hua, Taiwan *71-70–141
3. Dong Jin Park, Seoul, South Korea *70-72–142
3. Tristan Galant, Cape Town, South Africa *70-72–142
5. HaoHua Zhang, Howey in the Hills, FL *75-68–143
6. James Meyers, Wexford, PA *75-69–144
6. Won Jun Choi, Seoul, South Korea *73-71–144
8. Luis Pons, Leon, Mexico *74-71–145
9. Jose Haces, Puebla, Mexico *76-70–146
9. Tieliang Yang, Windermere, FL *75-71–146
11. Conor Byrne, Dublin, Ireland *76-71–147
11. Takahiro Nojima, Shibuya-Ku, Japan *69-78–147
13. Jasper Lee, Howey-in-the-Hills, FL *74-74–148
14. Kyung-Hwan Chung, Managua, Nicaragua *76-73–149
14. Kevin Aung, Taiwan *76-73–149
16. Taisuke Ono, Tokyo, Japan *73-77–150
17. Thomas Pfoestl, Schenna, Italy, *75-76–151
18. Luigi Wong, Baguio City, Philippines *76-76–152
19. Marc Sabria, Barcelona, Spain *78-75–153
19. Atrem Yalovenko, Moscow, Russia *76-77–153
21. Juan Felix, Culiacan, Mexico *78-76–154
21. David Fu, Zhengzhou, China, *76-78–154
23. Yuichi Muaro, Tokyo, Japan *83-72–155
24. Greg Shen, Vancouver, Canada *81-75–156
24. Mashengjun Li, Shanghai, China, *79-77–156
24. Drew Twillman, New Market, MD *75-81–156
24. Chun Yan Leong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *75-81–156
28. Daniel Song, Howey-in-the-Hills, FL *78-79–157
29. Zaffar Sikkander, Nawala, Sri Lanka *80-78–158
30. Philip Chen, Taiwan, Taipei *78-81–159
31. Punya Khanna, Dubai, United Arab Emirates *80-80–160
31. Antonio Miguel, Puebla, Mexico *83-77–160
33. Christian Tupamahu, Manado, Indonesia *82-80–162
34. Trent Hope, Savannah, GA *90-77–167
35. Demetrius Johnson, Anchorage, AK *88-80–168
36. Max Castaneda, Mexico City, Mexico *88-88–176
36. Mao Hirota, Nagoya, Japan *86-90–176
38. Anirudh Mysore, Port Saint Lucie, FL *84-96–180
39. Rekgabile Nyhonyha, Johannesberg, South Africa *94-96–190

WD. Jason Hijazi, San Antonio, TX *87-WD


Boys 14 & Under Division – Black Tees, 6,033 yards, Par 72

1. Joro Estepa, Quezon City *117-110–227

Girls Division – Black Tees, 5,740 yards, Par 72

1. Marisa Hisaki, Osaka, Japan *70-68–138
2. Ximena Gonzalez, Queretaro, Mexico *75-75–150
2. Emily Felix, Lake Mary, FL *76-74–150
4. Claire Albrecht, Ormond Beach, FL *77-76–153
5. Claire Jeon, Yong-In, South Korea *77-79–156
6. Holly Davenport, Palm City, FL *84-73–157
7. Haruka Shintani, Setagaya, Japan *78-80–158
8. Yuna Sato, Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan *85-76–161

9. Emily Ma, Taipei, Taiwan *84-85–169
10. Jessica Meyers, Wexford, PA *87-84–171
11. Stephanie Orrell, Ontario, Canada *89-88–177

WD. Yeji Ahn, Changwon-City, South Korea *78-WD