TEAM USA Brings the Trophy Home


Okatie, South Carolina- The International Junior Golf Tour met the Canadian Junior Golf Association at the North America Cup for the fourteenth consecutive year. The teams were hand selected based on their performance in recent competitions and their exceptional demeanor on and off the course. The North America Cup traditionally begins with opening ceremonies followed by an official practice round.  The squads then play three different matches in Ryder Cup format. The teams play a four-ball match, followed by an alternate shot match, and rounding out the tournament with singles matches. Each match won is equivalent to one point, and this year every point counted.

IMG_3335On July 4, it was only fitting that the United States hit the ground running. With an impressive start, the momentum carried the team for days to come. In the Girls’ Division, Sophia Burnett and Sarah Perine, had a competitive day ending in a squared match against Canada’s Lucy Liu and Esther Subin. The teams were never up by one hole at any given time throughout the round.


“We needed each other throughout the match, and we could not have had better team work,” said Perine.


In the 15-and-Under Division, Chase Phillips and Deion Shepherd, scored a point for Team USA finishing one match ahead of Gu and Krauss. That match, just like the girls’, continued to be back and forth throughout the round. In the Boys’ 15-19 Division, two out three points favored the United States. Reid Bedell and Cole Berger scored a point in their match while never losing confidence against Beckstead and White. RJ Wren and Sean Stanistreet battled from behind all the way to the final hole, where they ended victorious, adding another point for Team USA. Trevor Hogan and Patrick Sheehan played red-hot Brunet and Simpson, but ultimately lost. The United States finished Day One with a 3.5 to 1.5 lead.

After a great first day, Team USA went into the second day with perfect chemistry, and a strong desire to win. One match short of a clean sweep, the team continued to battle across all levels.


“Being comfortable on and off the course with each other helped to secure four victories on Day Two,” said RJ Wren.


The Girls’ Division, the 15-and-Under, and two of the three 15-19 Boys’ collected a point. Deion Shepherd and Sean Stanistreet battled for the clean sweep, but ultimately fell short after fighting through eighteen holes. After Day Two, Team USA led Team Canada 7.5 to 2.5.


On the final day of North America Cup, the teams contended for ten obtainable points. Every match was important, and team USA needed three points to secure the final victory. Players had their ups and downs throughout the challenging day, but collected all the points needed to win. Cole Berger, Reid Bedell, and RJ Wren each scored a point in their single matches.


Bedell said, “I thought the team effort was incredible and the comradery was phenomenal! Each of us played our hearts out and did not leave anything on the course.”


Sean Stanistreet battled for a square match against Canada’s Thiessen. Mikee Ordona birdied the final four holes of his match to regain the lead and secure a point for the team. Sophia Burnett added an additional point for the team by finishing with a 45-foot putt, while Team USA lined the green to cheer her on.


“It was a great way to end, a long putt like that, it was a perfect ending to a great tournament,” Burnett said.


Team USA secured a 13 to 7 victory during the final round of the tournament. The North America Cup will continue next year, on Canadian soil.


Captain Nick Walker said, “I am so proud to be apart of this victory for Team USA. All credit goes to the players. The difference, I believe, was how tight knit our team was, both on and off the course. The love they showed one another was something amazing to watch and it was truly humbling to be a part of and witness.”


North America Cup 2016 has come to a close, and the hardware has been returned to the United States. The IJGT would like to thank Oldfield GC, CJGA, players, coaches, and parents for a great event. We are looking forward to North America Cup 2017 already!



Final Results of the North America Cup at Oldfield CC were conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour on July 4-6.

Boys 15-19 Division: Black Tees- 6,726 par 72 (73.4/136). Boys 15 &Under Division: White Course Tees-5,976 (70.6/128). Girls Division: Blue Tees-5,924 (68.8/124).

Round One, July 4, 2016: Four-ballBoys 15-19 Division – Black Tees, 6726 yards, Par 721.     USA, Trevor Hogan and Patrick Sheehan vs. CAN, Vincet Brunet and Shayne Simpson: 6&4 CAN2.     USA, Reid Bedell and Cole Berger vs. CAN, Taylor Beckstead and Braydon White: 3&2 USA3.     USA, Sean Stanistreet and RJ Wren vs. CAN, Michael Ikejiani and Mitchell Thiessen: 1up USA Boys 15U Division- Blue Tees, 6976 yards, Par 721.     USA, Chase Phillips and Deion Shepherd vs. CAN, Vick Gu and Mathias Krauss: 1up USA Girls Division – White Tees, 5924 yards, Par 721.     USA, Sophia Burnett and Sarah Perine vs. CAN, Lucy Liu and Esther Subin: All Square

Round Two, July 5, 2016: FoursomeBoys 15-19 Division – Black Tees, 6726 yards, Par 721.     USA, Deion Shepherd and Sean Stanistreet vs. CAN, Micheal Ikejiani and Mitchell Thiessen, 1up CAN2.     USA, Cole Berger and Trevor Hogan vs. CAN, Braydon White and Taylor Beckstead: 4&3 USA3.     USA, Reid Bedell and RJ Wren vs. CAN, Shayne Simpson and Vincent Brunet: 4&2 USA Boys 15U Division- Blue Tees, 6976 yards, Par 721.     USA, Patrick Sheehan and Mikee Ordona vs. CAN, Vick Gu and Mathias Krauss: 4&3 USA Girls Division – White Tees, 5924 yards, Par 721.     USA, Sophia Burnett and Sarah Perine vs. CAN, Lucy Liu and Esther Subin: 3&2 USA

Round Three, July 6, 2016: Singles MatchesBoys 15-19 Division – Black Tees, 6726 yards, Par 721.     USA, Cole Berger vs. CAN, Vincent Brunet: 1up USA2.     USA, Trevor Hogan vs. CAN, Braydon White: 3&2 CAN3.     USA, Patrick Sheehan vs. CAN, Taylor Beckstead: 5&4 CAN4.     USA, Reid Bedell vs. CAN Mitchell Thiessen: 2&1 USA5.     USA, Sean Stanistreet vs. CAN, Michael Ikejiani: Square6.     USA, RJ Wren vs. CAN, Shayne Simpson: 2up USA Boys 15U Division- Blue Tees, 6976 yards, Par 721.     USA, Chase Phillips vs. CAN, Michael Krauss: 2&1 CAN2.     USA, Mikee Ordona vs. CAN, Vick Gu: 3&1 USA Girls Division – White Tees, 5924 yards, Par 721.     USA, Sarah Perine vs. CAN, Esther Subin: 2&1 CAN2.     USA, Sophia Burnett vs. CAN Lucy Liu: 3&1 USA


Lowcountry Junior at Wexford Plantation – Final Results (Feb. 1, 2015)

Wren takes title in come-from-behind win
Whaley and Jaiswal best their fields

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. – The IJGT hosted Lowcountry Junior at the local venue, Wexford Plantation Golf Club on January, 1 – February, 2, 2015. The 36-hole event marked the third event in the IJGT’s Southeast Tour this spring and the line-up included 35 junior golfers between the ages of 10 and 19. IJGT Merit Points and national rankings were at stake for competitors.


Trey Wren, of Suffolk, Va., came from behind and took home the win at the Lowcountry Junior. Coming off of a solid performance last weekend in a three-player playoff at the Carolina Classic, he carded an 86 in the first round with only one birdie. Then, in the final round he carded four birdies on the front nine alone and added one more on the back. His score for the final round was 71 making his scores for the weekend 86 and 71 for a total of 157.

Wren’s 1-under final round also earned him the Clazic Belts Low Final Round Award for the second weekend in a row. The Clazic Belts Low Final Round Award goes to the boy and girl each week with the lowest final round scores.

Second place in the Boys 15-19 Division went to Matt Cheng of Taipei, Taiwan, with scores of 77 and 81 for a total of 158. Cheng, who had led after day one of competition, was bested by Wren’s birdie-laden final round. Third place was a tie between Matthew Cesare of Milford, Conn., and Lee Hammerschmidt of Armonk, N.Y., with scores of 85-75—160 and 78-82—160, respectively. 


In the Girls Division, Kelly Whaley of Farmington, Conn., took home the title and the Clazic Belts Low Final Round Award with scores of 82 and 70 for a tournament total of 152. The senior IJGA student who recently signed to play NCAA DI golf at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill credited her success today to her putting, “I made 29 putts today so my putting really helped.”

Whaley’s performance in the final round started out with a bang as she carded an eagle on her very first hole of the day. She added three more birdies and 11 pars to her scorecard and posted the lowest score of the entire tournament.

Behind Whaley was Lita Huber of Montevideo, Uruguay, who finished the day in second with scores of 87 and 82 for a total of 169 while Bluffton, S.C., native Sophia Burnett took third place with scores of 82 and 90 for a tournament total of 172 in her IJGT debut.


Ayushmaan Jaiswal of New Dehli, India, took home top honors in the Boys 14 & Under Division with scores of 92 and 90 for a tournament total of 182. Second place went to Xiaofeng Hu of Qiang Dao, China.

For full results, click here.

The IJGT’s next event will be the Major Championship at Presidio Golf Course on February 7-8, 2015. The Major Championship will be held at the famous Presidio Golf Course in San Fransisco, Ca. To sign up for this event, or others, visit or call (843) 785-2444.

Final Results of the Lowcountry Junior at Wexford Plantation conducted by the International Junior Golf Tour on January 31- February 1, 2015. Boys 15-19 Division: Black Tees – 6,669 yards Par 72 (73.0/144). Boys 14 & Under Division: Blue Tees – 6,110 yards, Par 72 (70.6/128). Girls Division: Red Tees – 5,724 yards, Par 72 (74.1/130).

International Junior Golf Tour
Lowcountry Junior at Wexford Plantation
Hilton Head Island, SC
January 31 – February 1, 2015

Boys 15-19 Division- Black Tees, 6,669 yards, Par 72

1. Trey Wren, Suffolk, VA *86-71–157
2. Matt Cheng, Taipei, Taiwan *77-81–158
3. Matthew Cesare, Milford, CT *85-75–160
3. Lee Hammerschmidt, Armonk, NY *78-82–160
5. Brent Rodgers, Cranberry Township, PA *84-77–161
5. Dong Jin Park, Seoul, South Korea *85-76–161
7. Guodong Ji, Quing Dao, China *87-78–165
7. Feng Chen, Baoding City *83-82–165
9. Ryan Pongrac, Freehold, NJ *86-81–167
9. Jake Sitzler, Burlington, NJ *87-80–167
9. Jamie Lin, Taichung, Taiwan *86-81–167
9. Christian Clemence Tupamahu, Manado, Indonesia *82-85–167
13. Cameron Clair, Bluffton, SC *90-78–168
14. Teddy Zinsner, Alexandria, VA *82-87–169
15. Kyle Ash, Reading, MA *85-85–170
16. Trent Hope, Savannah, GA *87-85–172
17. Jason Hijazi, San Antonio, TX *94-84–178
18. Trent Dickerson, Guyton, GA *95-85–180
19. Mao Hirota, Nagoya, Japan *92-89–181
20. Shogo Taniguchi, Osaka, Japan *91-91–182
21. Logan Stefanko, Plymouth, MI *100-91–191
21. Zhicheng Gu, Changshu, China *86-105–191


DQ. Karan Bhasin, Mishref, Kuwait *97 (Rule 6-3a)
JWD. Jake Raichle, Bethlehem, NH *84

Boys 14 & Under Division- White Tees, 6,110 yards, Par 72

1. Ayushmaan Jaiswal, Wesley Chapel, FL *92-90–182
2. Xiaofeng Hu, Qiang Dao, China *106-94–200

Girls Division- Red Tees, 5,724 yards, Par 72

1. Kelly Whaley, Farmington, CT *82-70–152
2. Lita Huber, Montevideo, Uruguay *87-82–169
3. Sophia Burnett, Bluffton, SC *82-90–172
4. Katelyn Martin, North Prairie, WI *91-93–184
5. Martina Gerbelova, Bratislava, Slovakia *105-96–201
5. Stephanie Orrell, Ontario, Canada *99-102–201
7. Camila Burnett, Bluffton, SC *103-110–213