Team Canada takes home the John Clark Trophy in 2014 Euro Junior Cup

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – IJGT’s Team USA took to Drumoig Golf Club today, August 8, 2014, for the final round of the 2014 Euro Junior Golf Cup in St. Andrews, Scotland.  The weather was perfect when the teams took to the course but changed very quickly as the teams rounded the turn.  The inclement weather lead to a cancellation of the round in which only one complete group had finished.  At the conclusion of tournament, Canadian Junior Golf Association’s (CJGA) Team Canada finished with 43.5 points and took home the John Clark Trophy.  Following in second was FIFE’s Team Scotland with 41.5 Points in third was Team USA with 32 points.

Team USA played well again in the incomplete final round but could not come away with the points needed.  Danny Dougherty of Wilmington, Del., continued his hot streak winning both points and making his final total five and a half points to lead Team USA.  Also playing well and grabbing two points for Team USA in round three were playing captain, Cara Basso of Downingtown, Pa., John Kalavritinos of Potomac, Md., and Christopher Chiminski of Penns Park, Pa.  Ryan Hicks of Santa Monica, Calif., once again exhibited a strong performance adding a point and a half.   Also contributing to Team USA’s points were Jack O’Donovan of Pittsford, N.Y., and Dylan Plis of Camillus, N.Y., who each carded a point of their own.  Rounding out the scoring was Michael Ordona of Upland, Calif., who secured a half-point for Team USA.

After the event, non-playing co-captain, Zach Pennington stated, “I am very impressed with not only how our team played today but how we represented the red, white and blue.   We are truly honored to wear these colors in match play against two great teams.  The Canadians and Scots were great competitors and they played well all week.  I am proud of what we did here in Scotland as we arrive home with our head held high.”

Team USA in beautiful Scotland Photo by Team USA parent Ms. Elder

Team USA in beautiful Scotland
Photo by Team USA parent Ms. Elder

Euro Junior Cup Round Two: Strong performance by Basso keeps Team USA close


ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – IJGT’s Team USA took to Leven Links for the second round of the 2014 Euro Junior Golf Cup on August 7, 2014.  Weather was beautiful and the course was in fabulous condition.  Leven Links sits right off of the sea bringing in strong winds that changed throughout the round.  This proved as a true test for Team USA as they fell back in points, now trailing the Canadian Junior Golf Association’s (CJGA) Team Canada by nine points and FIFE Team Scotland by seven and a half points.  After two rounds, the standings have Team Canada with 29.5 points, Team Scotland with 28 points and Team USA with 20.5 points.

The Americans were led by team captain, Cara Basso of Downingtown, Pa., who dominated the entire round and won each of her matches.  Basso’s round was followed by the match featuring Danny Dougherty of Wilmington, Del., who once played well for the second consecutive round and won one and a half points.  Each winning a point of his own for the USA was Christopher Chiminski of Penns Park, Pa., John Kalavritinos of Potomac, Md., Ryan Hicks of Santa Monica, Calif., Tanner Elder of Jefferson City, Mo., and Jack O’ Donovan of Pittsford, N.Y.   The remaining half-point for Team USA was earned by Michael Ordona of Upland, Calif.


After round two, non-playing co-captain, Molly Moore stated, “The results may show that we are behind but I am proud of this team and know that they played tough today. There were a lot of close matches that really could have gone either way. The bus ride home was energetic and Team USA is ready to battle back tomorrow. This will be an interesting finish from an exciting three days of matchplay.”

Team USA finishes its time in Scotland with the final round of play at Drumoig Golf Club in St. Andrews.  Tee times begin promptly at noon local time.

Team USA arrives in Scotland for Euro Junior Cup

ST. ANDREWS, SCOTLAND – The International Junior Golf Tour’s (IJGT) Team USA made its way to St. Andrews, Scotland, Saturday, August 2, 2014, to compete in the Euro Junior Cup, an elite matchplay competition against the Canadian Junior Golf Association’s (CJGA) Team Canada and Team Fife of Scotland. The three-day competition will be held on three different courses: Scotscraig Golf Club, Leven Links and Drumoig Golf Club on August 6-8, 2014, respectively.


Each golf course brings a unique, competitive experience to the junior golfers. Scotscraig Golf Club is a true feel of Scottish golf in the small town of Tayport, Scotland, featuring high fescues and fast fairways and greens. Heavy rain is expected for the opening round at Scotscraig and will be a test for the participants.

Moving forward, think of a true links course overlooking the Firth of Fourth – or the ‘Fourth Bay’, with spectacular mountain views and rolling hills and you’ve got Leven Links. Located in Leven, Scotland, the wind will be the biggest test on Thursday, August 7, 2014.

Last but not least, we will reach Drumoig GC, and you might think off the first tee that you are in the northeast part of the United States. Many participants of Team USA enjoyed the familiarity of this course, with elevated greens and wide fairways in Drumoig, Scotland.


Team USA captains, Zach Pennington and Molly Moore, have been thoroughly impressed all week with Team USA.

“We have a great team and we couldn’t be more excited about the next three days. The team has played exceptionally well all week during the practice rounds. All of the courses are challenging and fun in their own way, and I know we are prepared and ready to go for tomorrow,” says Moore.


Team USA Captain, Zach Pennington provides direction during practice rounds to his team

The following is the lineup for Team USA’s first round of the 2014 Euro Cup, to be played at Scotscraig Golf Club, will begin at 10:00 a.m., Scotland time.

*Denotes Team USA Playing Captain

15-19 Division:

  1. Chris Chiminski (Penns Park, Pa.)
  2. Dylan Plis (Camillus, N.Y.)
  3. John Kalavritinos (Potomac, Md.)
  4. Tyler Pidduck (Thousand Oaks, Calif.)
  5. West Shaw (Alexandria, Va.)
  6. Tanner Elder (Jefferson City, Mo.)
  7. Thomas Foglia (North Braddock, Pa.)
  8. Ryan Hicks (Santa Monica, Calif.)

14 & Under Division:

  1. Jack O’Donnovan (Pittsford, N.Y.)
  2. William Lee (Troy, Mich.)
  3. Danny Dougherty (Wilmington, Del.)
  4. Mikee Ordona (Upland, Calif.)

Girls Division:

  1. Cara Basso* (Downingtown, Pa.)

Results of the first round at Scotscraig Golf Club and pairings for Round 2 at Leven Links will be posted following the round.

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2014 North America Cup – Final Results

The IJGT and its Team USA hosted the Canadian Junior Golf Association’s (CJGA) Team Canada in the 2014 North America Cup held at Oldfield Club in Okatie, S.C., on June 30-July 2, 2014. The annual event was a three-day match play event featuring 14 of both organization’s finest juniors – two girls, four boys in the 14 & under age group and eight boys in the 15-19 age group.


Prior to the event, the Opening Ceremony was held at to announce formal pairing and to cordially welcome all those in attendance. A practice round was played by both teams immediately following the ceremony.

The spirited competition began on Monday, June 30, with fourball matches. Team Canada took an early lead as they won six of seven matches to kick start their pursuit of the cup. With a 6-1 lead over Team USA, Team Canada returned to round two with confidence. Team USA, however, was eager to make up some of the deficit in the foursome style match play of round two. In a lineup of tight matches, Team USA picked up three additional points to chip away at Team Canada’s lead. Team Canada remained in the lead after round two with a collective score of 10-4.



The third and final round was singles matches, allowing each member of both squads to go head-to-head in a true test of skill and mental strength. Team USA came back with a fire in their bellies, rallying to win 8  1/2 points to Team Canada’s 5  1/2 points. Despite the valiant effort from Team USA, Team Canada held off their competitors to secure the first North America Cup victory since they last won in 2007.

Final Round Results

Final Round Results

Team Canada will remain in possession of the cup until they take on Team USA again in the 2015 North America Cup. Team USA still holds the all-time North America Cup record 9-3 over Canada. Congratulations to all those who competed in this prestigious event to represent the respective countries.

For a full album of photos from the event, click here.

North America Cup 2014 – Round two recap

The spirited competition continued as Team USA and Team Canada took the course again at Oldfield Golf Club for day two of North America Cup. As Team Canada celebrated Canada Day, they prepared for foursome play with a 6-1 lead over Team USA following round one. With weather creeping further into the upper 80s, golfers played with picturesque South Carolina golf weather. Round two saw tighter competition as Team Canada remained in the forefront, leading foursome play 4-3 on the day. The overall standings leave Canada with a 10-4 lead.

Inspired by an improved Team USA performance, USA’s non-playing captain, Zach Pennington, said, “We played better today and the competition from both teams was probably as competitive as I’ve ever seen in match play. We still have ground to make up but I am excited for the final round tomorrow.”

Team USA's Allyson Wentworth

Team USA’s Allyson Wentworth

Team USA secures points in the girls’ match and in two matches featuring Boys 15-19 players while Team Canada swept the Boys 14 & Under Divisional matches and took home the remaining Boys 15-19 matches. 

Team Canada’s non-playing captain, Stephen Nixon commented, “Today was a grind. Team USA gave us everything they could at the beginning of the matches, but we battled back so strong. I’m so proud of how our team  played today and it was nice to win the Foursome matches on Canada Day. Tomorrow’s matches are going to come down to the wire, it’ll be another exciting finish.”

Team Canada's Peyton Callens

Team Canada’s Peyton Callens

The 2014 North America Cup continues tomorrow with the foursomes format, and Team USA will look to rebound from the five-point deficit. Tee times will begin at 7:30 a.m. Follow along with the action by following @IJGT on Twitter.


North America Cup 2014 – Round one recap

The IJGT welcomed their neighbors from the north today for the 2014 North America Cup between IJGT’s Team USA and the Canadian Junior Golf Association’s (CJGA) Team Canada at Oldfield Golf Club at Okatie, S.C. The weather was pristine with early highs in the 80s and a calm breeze. Members of Team USA and Team Canada competed in a fourball match play event in the first round with Team Canada taking an early lead in the tournament with a 6-1 score after the first day.

Team Canada Captain, Mitchell McPhail

Team Canada Captain, Mitchell McPhail

After a great showing by Team Canada, Stephen Nixon, the CJGA Team Canada Non-Playing Captain, said, “Today’s competition and intensity was unbelievable. Team USA played great, but it seemed like our team couldn’t miss a putt today. I’m very happy with how our team played and am looking forward to tomorrow’s matches.”
Team USA fought throughout the course for an edge, but the IJGT Team USA Non-Playing Captain, Zach Pennington, is excited about tomorrow’s format. “Today was a tough day for us. We hit a lot of really good shots but didn’t get awarded in the end. We look to put it all together for tomorrow’s round,” said Pennington. “Looking towards tomorrow, we feel we have a good shot to make a comeback in the second round. The team left the golf course excited for the foursomes format. This, personally, is my favorite format. I think our skill, combined with our quickly-found team chemistry, will lead to success in round two.”
Team USA's Nick Russell

Team USA’s Nick Russell

The 2014 North America Cup continues tomorrow with the foursomes format, and Team USA will look to rebound from the five-point deficit. Tee times will begin at 7:30 a.m. Follow along with the action by following @IJGT on Twitter.