The Times of India features the IJGT


As the game of golf continues to grow, India has made concerted efforts to promote the sport they have come to love. Along with the growth in the sport comes the growth of the enrollment of Indian students in IJGT tournament events.

DSC_0831In a recent article, The Times of India highlights the benefit that enrollment in the IJGA and participation in IJGT events has on junior golfers who value both their academic standing as well as their golf game. The Times of India spoke to Keshav Sharma of New Delhi, India, about his experience as an Indian participant in the IJGT.

“I have got the balance I always wanted where I can pursue my passion without sacrificing academics. I think back and can never ever stop thanking my family for taking this very important decision. I consider myself truly blessed,” Sharma said.

The IJGT and the IJGA continue to focus energy on the improvement of not only golf and related technology but also the role it can play in the golf community of India. This effort is reflected in the ever-growing number of Indian students on the tour.

Vratik Sharma, also a native of India, turned to the IJGT for an opportunity to grow within the golf industry as a Tournament Operations Associate. As Sharma pursues his Master’s degree in Sport Management, the IJGT serves as an organization to allow him to assist in the cultivation of young people with a passion for golf.

“I consider myself very fortunate to be working for the IJGT whose sole purpose is to have a positive and transformational impact on young people’s lives,” Sharma stated.


Vratik Sharma (left) and Keshav Sharma (right) at Pinecrest Golf Club, home of the IJGA

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