Tips for Parents

Helping Your Child with the Recruiting Process


  • Be a support system. Let your child assume most of the responsibility, they are the ones who have to live with the choice. Be there to help discuss the pros and cons of various choices, e.g. urban vs. rural, large vs. small, public vs. private.
  • Help your child research the schools. Check on academic requirements, facts about the program, cost, etc. Don’t do all the work for them, but be the supportive parent and have key points to discuss with them.
  • Follow-up. Make sure that all of the applications have been filled out completely and sent in on time. This is imperative weather they receive golf scholarship aid or not, making sure the admissions process is complete is first….remember you are a student before athlete!
  • Monitor. If your child is continually receiving phone calls from coaches and concerned others, you may want to step in here. Young players may find it very disrupting and difficult to handle. Some coaches are notorious for frequent calling while others are extremely laid back. Big Suggestion: be there with your child when they are on the phone with the Coach. This will sometimes help ease their nerves and you can help answer questions as well. Coaches will not mind being on speaker phone to talk to the whole family.
  • Finances. You need to decide what sacrifices, if any, you are willing to make. Don’t pressure your child to go just for a scholarship if it is not necessary. Find out exactly what the scholarship will cover. Making sure this is known before the process really gets in gear, will ease an decision later in the process.
  • Interviews. Help your child prepare a list of questions, but let him/her ask questions during interviews. If there is a lull in the conversation you may want to help it along with questions that concern you. Don’t appear overconfident regarding academic or athletic ability.
  • Don’t panic. If by mid-April your child has not signed a National Letter of Intent, don’t worry. Most coaches are waiting to see which players will sign. There are schools with scholarships available sometimes through the summer.
  • Remember your key words: SUPPORT AND FOLLOW-UP.

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AnnDirector of College Placement, Ann Maness, has years of experience with the college athletics recruiting process. Ann is the second sibling in her family to join the elite college golf ranks and played for Coastal Carolina University, where she took no time to capture her first collegiate victory.

During her freshman year, Ann came from 6 shots behind in the final round of the Big South Conference Championship, firing a 68 to claim the individual conference title. To date, that 68 remains the single-round record for the Women’s Golf Big South Championship. Ann went on to capture two more singles titles at CCU.

She also participated in the 2009 NCAA Regionals, was a 4-Time Big South All-Conference Team Member, and was an 8-Time Big South Player of the Week.

You can contact Ann at and follow her on Twitter at @DCP1AManess .