Why We Love Golf

Happy Valentine’s Day from the IJGT Team!

“They call it golf because all the other four letter words were taken,” Raymond Floyd. At IJGT, the four letter word that we associate with this game is love.. as cheesy as that sounds. As a staff, we love the game, we love our players, and we love getting to spend our weekends watching juniors compete and succeed.

Whether the game was something we picked up as a child, or something fun we learned to do as adults, or just something that we learned about once we started working in the industry, it is a special game that has a special place in all of our lives.

For me, I love golf because my favorite memories are hitting golf balls on the driving range with my dad during high school. I feel so lucky that I have these moments to look back on and think it is pretty special that this game helped us become that much closer.

Everyone has their own special golf stories and memories, and so we asked around to try and get a better picture of why we all love the game, check it out:

“I love golf because it creates fun family time where we can also be competitive!” Ryley Hendry, IJGT CEO

“I love golf because you can take 4 strangers that have all different skill levels and still not only compete against each other, but make new friends.” Jared Steger, IJGT Community and Operations Manager

“I love golf primarily because it is the most unique sport in the world. In that each round is different and courses differ from each other in so many ways, and you more than likely won’t have the same shot twice. All of those attributes added in with playing with friends or in a competitive setting make it the most unique sport of its kind.” Nick Walker, IJGT Tournament Director

“I love golf for the fashion it allows me to sport.  I would never wear bright color pants unless I was playing golf.” Brandon Nettles, IJGT Tournament Director

“I love golf because it is a great way to stay competitive while still having fun. Every day is a new course, with new challenges that you need to overcome.” Chris Schramm, IJGT Director of Operations and Membership Services

“I love golf because it’s inexhaustible how much anyone can improve. A beginner can get better and so can a tour player. The challenge of mastering all the games within the games is also fun!” Jonathan Yarwood, BGGA Master Coach

“I love golf for bringing my family together on the weekends for 18 holes and a hamburger (no cheese).” Meaghan O’Reilly, IJGT Director of Communications and Event Management

“I love golf because it has been a huge part of life for 43 years. It has provided every relationship I’ve had and gave me a chance to travel around the world.  Thank you to my father for introducing me to the game I love!!” Scott Shaffer, BGGA Coach

“I love golf as it’s the perfect companionship for me and my dog Snuffles.” Andrew Summers, IJGT Owner

“I love golf because the skills we learn on the course can transfer to our life and the skills we learn in life can transfer to the course.” Iain Highfield, IJGA/BGGA Director of Mental Performance

“I love golf because it teaches you so many life lessons. Perseverance, the value of hard work, and how to face adversity are all good examples.” Jeff Hay, BGGA Coach

“The opportunity to combine skill, competition and etiquette while being surrounded by nature and being with people I care about.” Barb Bausch, IJGA Residential Coordinator of Community

“I love golf because here at IJGA because it is used as a universal language for students who do not speak the same language.” Shawn Mehring, IJGA Director of Performance Training


Happy Valentine’s Day, may it be filled with birdies! Want to let us know why you love golf? Follow us on Facebook and leave a comment!