Pace of Play

  • Pace of Play is critical. Please keep in position with the group in front of you. You are out of position if the group in front of you places the flag in the hole on the putting green before your group has placed the flag in your respective hole. If you cannot keep up with the group in front of you, please keep up with your time par:
    • 18 minutes for a Par 5
    • 15 minutes for a Par 4
    • 12 minutes for a Par 3
  • Each player will be given a pace of play guideline sheet on the No. 1 or No. 10 tee. This sheet will have the time allotted for each hole and the total amount of time to complete the round. If you are out of position and out of time par, the group and each player will automatically be put on the clock. The IJGT will allow 45 seconds for each player to play a stroke. If a player has two bad times during the round, he/she will incur a penalty of:
    • 1 stroke for the first offense
    • 2 strokes for the second offense
    • Penalty of Disqualification for the 3rd offense under USGA Rule 6-7
  • Please play ready golf.