Payments, Refunds, and Withdrawals


  • Once your registration is accepted, you will be charged the full amount of the entry fee.
  • If you have been accepted into a tournament and need to withdraw, please review the Withdrawal Policy below.
  • If you have any billing questions or concerns, please contact:

IJGT Member Services
Phone: at 844-779-3374


Due to the increase in withdrawals over the past few years, the IJGT has instituted the following withdrawal policy for junior golfers who withdraw from an event after they have started their first round of tournament play:

  • All juniors wishing to withdraw from an event after play begins must report to the Tournament Director before leaving the golf course and before competition has closed.
  • Junior golfers should under no circumstances leave the course before they have notified an IJGT staff member. Leaving unannounced will result in an automatic disqualification.
  • IJGT Staff reserves the right to inquire with the withdrawn players fellow competitors for more information regarding the situation leading to withdrawal.
  • There will be no refund for any player who withdraws after Round 1 of the tournament in which they are playing has begun.*

*The only exception to this policy is if the player is physically injured / has fallen ill and cannot play or in the case of emergency. In the event of an injury or illness, a doctor’s note is required and an opportunity for partial refund will be considered. In order to claim your refund, please email with the player name, tournament information, and proof of illness, injury, or emergency circumstance.


As previously mentioned, all cancellations must be submitted via email ( or phone (844-779-3374). If a player must withdraw from any event more than 14 days prior to the starts of the event, an in-house credit of the entry fee minus a $30 transaction fee will be applied to the account. This credit can be applied to any future IJGT event during the current season. If a player must withdraw from any event less than 3 days prior to the start of the event, the full entry fee will be forfeited.

Transfer of Registration

Every IJGT member will be allowed one tournament transfer per season at no cost. You must email the IJGT to receive the transfer, and it does not apply to any cancellation that occurs less than 7 days prior to the start of the event.

No Cards/No Shows

In the events of a scorecard not turned in after a round or not showing up to a tee time, the junior is disqualified under the USGA Rules of Golf. This includes, but is not limited to, juniors leaving the golf course or city in which the event is conducted or failing to show up for any subsequent rounds of an event without talking to the Tournament Director in person.

Disqualification penalties that occur due to intent or a deliberate decision by the player will be listed as DQ Rule 6-3a (NC or NS) and printed next to the junior’s name in the tournament results. The Tournament Director will re­port the disqualification to the IJGT Review Board. The junior’s membership will be suspended and the junior will not be eligible for year-end honors. If a junior has previ­ously been accepted into a future IJGT tournament(s), they will be withdrawn immediately. If the Tournament Committee feels that the disqualification penalty was one in which there was no intention or managed purpose by the player, it will be listed as DQ Rule 6-3a.