Race to Scotland

Play your way to Scotland and experience some of the best courses in the home of golf!

The International Junior Golf Tour offers all its Birdie and Eagle Members the opportunity to qualify for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Home of Golf, Scotland. Participants accumulate points through a series of designated events. Points are awarded up to 5 spots in each of the events.

For more details, contact us directly at info@ijgt.com.


Travel Dates will be as follows: BGGA- March 12-18, IJGA- March 18-25

IJGA Boys 15-19
1Samuel Cudjoe2300
2Chase Phillips1750
3 Frank Parisi1450
4Adam Miller1200
5Oreo Prommart1100

IJGA Boys U14
1Matthew Pilgrim2700
2David Murigi2250
3Julian Sanchez-Garcia1400
4Seung Jae Mo1250
IJGA Girls Division
1Stephanie Orrell1525
2Wint Phoo Nadi Aung850
3Kayla Kozak800
4Haruka Shintani750
5Fai Khamborn550
BGGA Boys 15-19
1Carson Barbe1700
2Won Jun Choi1450
3Luigi Wong1400
4Thomas Pfoesti1325
5Dongjin Park1000
BGGA Boys U14
1Krishiv Tekchandi1675
2Jeremy Cai1450
3Oscar De La Fuente1400
BGGA Girls Division
1Manhua Chen1500
2Peisha Fan1200
3Sabrina Reyes1050
4Tracey Lee950
5Stephania Vargas850