Spectator Code of Conduct

Parents and spectators are extremely important to the IJGT. We encourage all to come out on the golf course to view the competition. Please note that in accordance with the IJGT Spectator Code of Conduct parents, guardians, and spectators are required to allow participants to compete without giving any advice or counsel to them during the stipulated round (USGA Rule 8-1), knowing that a violation may cause a two-stroke penalty against their participant without warning. This includes any conversation between player/spectator in their native language.

  • Spectator carts are not permitted during tournament rounds unless the spectator is handicapped. Handicapped spectators must submit a request form to the IJGT at least one week in advance of the start date of the tournament. Handicapped spectators must present the proper identification to the IJGT as well as the host facility staff.
  • Spectators must walk the course and are encouraged to stay on the cart paths or in the rough areas. Please remain clear of all fairways and keep proper distance from all players (75 yards is recommended). Spectators cannot walk with players during tournament play as the IJGT does not allow the use of caddies.
  • Spectators are not permitted to ride on the back of ANY golf cart at ANY time during IJGT competitions.
  • Spectators cannot give advice to any player.

“Advice is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his play, choice of club or method of making a stroke.”

Penalty for breach of this rule is two-strokes on the player (USGA Rule 8-1). Talking to competitors during tournament play is not allowed and can be construed as giving advice.

  • Spectators are not to give rulings. In stroke play, when a player is in doubt to a rules situation, he/she may complete the hole by playing a “second ball” and report the facts to the Rules Committee before returning his/her scorecard (USGA Rule 3-3). Allow IJGT Rules Officials to administer rulings. You will be brought into a situation ONLY if the Rules Official requests that you participate.
  • Alcohol, swearing or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • No cellular phones or beepers are permitted on the golf course during tournament rounds.
  • Spectators can act as a forecaddie; carry umbrellas, jackets, food or drink, etc. However, spectators are not permitted to talk to any players during a stipulated round except to suggest the playing of a “second ball” if there is doubt as to procedure (USGA Rule 3-3).